ETERNAL IDOL Return With New Album

Italian symphonic / melodic metallers ETERNAL IDOL return with a revamped, re-energized line-up and an exciting new album, “Renaissance”, out on November 06th.

Featuring Fabio Lione (RHAPSODY, ANGRA) and Claudia Layline on co-lead vocals, guitarist Nick Savio (HOLLOW HAZE), bassist Andrea Burratto (SECRET SPHERE, HELL IN THE CLUB), and drummer Enrico Fabris, ETERNAL IDOL’s sophomore album is an epic maelstrom of Symphonic / melodic Metal that will delight fans of the genre who treasure intense songwriting and impeccable vocal performances. For your first taste of new music from the band, watch the video for "Into The Darkness" below.

“Renaissance” tracklisting:

01. "Into The Darkness"
02. "Black Star"
03. "Dark Eclipse"
04. "Without Fear"
05. "Away From Heaven"
06. "Not The Same"
07. "The Edge"
08. "Flying Over You"
09. "Lord Without Soul"
10. "Renaissance"

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