NECRONOMICON Streaming New Track

Canadian Black / Death Metal horde NECRONOMICON will be releasing their sixth full-length record, "Unus", on October 18 via Season Of Mist. The first single, "Paradise Lost", is available for streaming below.

NECRONOMICON vocalist/guitarist Rob the Witch comments on the album, "When all is said and done, one most return to the start and begin a new life. "Unus" is the first major Arcana that starts a new cycle in the evolution of any living things. Welcome to our new incarnation."

"Unus" tracklisting:

01. "From Ashes Into Flesh"
02. "Infinitum Continuum"
03. "Paradise Lost"
04. "The Price Of A Soul"
05. "Singularis Dominus"
06. "The Thousand Masks"
07. "Ascending The throne Of Baator"
08. "Fhtagn"
09. "Cursed MMXIX"
10. "Vox Draconis"

Hear Necronomicon Unleash Symphonic Brutality on New Song "Paradise Lost"

Source: www.Season-Of-Mist.Com