TURBOKILL To Release Debut Album In October

In an enlightened world, it must be allowed to ask how the musical succession to Metal legends like JUDAS PRIEST or IRON MAIDEN is to be realized. Or is the change of guards already under way? Following in the footsteps of the Metal giants of our era will by no means be an easy feat.

Still, it must be done, and we need suitable candidates with a vision who align themselves with the long history of this music genre while taking their compositions and playing style into the future. TURBOKILL, the new formation of former ALPHA TIGER vocalist Stephan Dietrich, could be such a candidate in the making. The German band comes with an exceptionally set of skills to drive forward a Heavy Metal style that is traditional yet modern. Is it too bold a thesis then, to name them as a contender? Hardly, especially since the 12 songs making up the group’s first album “Vice World” beg to differ. The message comes across loud and clear: The future of the classic Heavy Metal has already begun.

The debut album “Vice World” will be released October 25th, 2019 through SPV/Steamhammer as CD digipak, LP Version, download and stream HERE.

“Vice World” tracklist:

01. “The Grand Delusion”
02. “Vice World”
03. “War Thunder”
04. “Pulse Of The Swarm”
05. “Global Monkey Show”
06. “Sail With Pirates”
07. “Turbokill”
08. “Kill The Lie”
09. “Don't Deal With The Devil”
10. “Track N' Spy”
11. “End Of Days”
12. “Fortress Of The Universe”


Source: www.FreemanPromotions.Com