OLTRETOMBA: ''Epitaph On The Cenotaph'' Video

OLTRETOMBA, Black / Death Metal's underground gem from Italy, premiered the official music video for the killer track “Epitaph On The Cenotaph” from their debut release on Moribund Records. Check it out below.

Retrogarde Metal with ‘a don't give a fuck’ attitude and all of the fury of old school Black and Death Metal. Pre-order the album HERE.

“THE HORROR - Figure del Terrore” tracklist:

01. “The Horror” (intro)
02. “Her eyes”
03. “Epitaph On The Cenotaph”
04. “Motherfucker Of Grand Cross”
05. “The River In The Middle”
06. “The Blade And The Hungry”
07. “Blue Devil”
08. “Amputation (Arms And Legs)”
09. “Nameless Occultist”
10. “Dracul”
11. “L’orrore” (outro)

Source: http://www.moribundcult.com