WOMEN OF DOOM All Female Project Details

Albuquerque, New Mexico's Desert Records, in collaboration with Blues Funeral Recordings, has announced the concept for its forthcoming WOMEN OF DOOM album project. The carefully-curated release will feature new songs from female Heavy/Stoner/Doom/riff/psych solo artists and bands with prominent female members, with the specific goal of spotlighting their immense talent and massive artistic contributions to all things heavy.

WOMEN OF DOOM was announced via Kickstarter and social media on July 26th, and, after being singled out by Kickstarter as a project it loves, has already surpassed the initial funding goal with about half of the campaign duration left to go.

Some of the artists announced as participating with brand-new performances are:

Kim Cordray and Sarah Pendleton of the renowned and recently laid-to-rest SUBROSA, collaborating with their new experimental project AVARICE.
Amy Tung of YEAR OF THE COBRA with a solo composition.
DEATHBELL, featuring Irish Doom siren Lauren Gaynor
Rebecca Vernon, also of SUBROSA, with the first appearance of her new project THE KEENING.
Alexis Hollada of Texas metal institution DOOMSTRESS.
FRAYLE, featuring the spellbinding vocals of Gwyn Strang.

More to come.

Discussing the project's genesis, Desert Records founder Brad Frye says:

"I started WOMEN OF DOOM with the idea to highlight and celebrate the heavy music that female artists have brought us through the years.  These are some of my favorite musicians, and I hope that heavy music fans around the world will discover their own new favorite musicians and bands through this one-of-kind project!"

With support and advisement from female music industry empowerment  group WOMEN IN VINYL, Desert Records and Blues Funeral will finalize the lineup on the project by end of Summer, with finished songs submissions already starting to come in. 

The collaborative release is planned for arrival early next year, with a possible WOMEN OF DOOM stage at a May 2020 festival being considered as well.

Source: www.Desertrecords.Bandcamp.Com