WAR CLOUD Release New Song, Euro Tour

Erupting out of Oakland, California in 2014, WAR CLOUD has left a smoking path across much of the USA over the past five years.  Adopting a classic 70s rock and 80s power metal approach and aggressively dousing it in modern sophistication, WAR CLOUD released their self-titled debut album on Ripple Music to much acclaim in 2017.

Their take on Metal is a dish best served heavy, and those that have dined on the likes of SAXON, MOTÖRHEAD, KISS, THIN LIZZY and IRON MAIDEN will no doubt appreciate the Hard Rock sophistication, dipped deep in '70s Fuzz, as showcased on their new single, “Striker”, streaming HERE.

Touring extensively in support of their records, WAR CLOUD adapts a take-no-prisoners strategy with the intent to decimate all from the opening tone of each engaging live show. New album “State Of Shock” by WAR CLOUD is officially released on September 27th on Ripple Music, with the band embarking on an all-encompassing European tour this September at the dates shown below.

07 - Blue Rose Saloon, Bresso, Italy
08 - Freakout Club, Bologna, Italy
10 - Lyon, France
11 - L'Elastic Bar, Strasbourg, France
12 - Antwerp Music City, Antwerpen-Merksem, Belgium
13 - Little Devil, Tilburg, Netherlands
14 - Dresden, Germany
17 - Café Tikolor, Erfurt, Germany
19 - Nottingham, UK
20 - Manchester, UK
21 - The Black Heart, Little London, UK
22 - Le Midland, Lille, France
24 - Aalborg, Denmark
26 - Hirscheneck, Basel, Switzerland
27 - Dagda Live Club, Retorbido, Italy
28 - Vigone, Italy

Pre-orders for the album are available directly from Ripple Music's webstore.

“State Of Shock” tracklist:

01. “Striker”
02. “White Lightning”
03. “Dangerous Game”
04. “Tomahawk”
05. “Seeing Red”
06. “Do Anything”
07. “Means Of Your Defeat”
08. “State Of Shock”

Source: www.Ripple-Music.Com