PURNAMA: Frontman Posts Article About Metal

Jakub Viták, the frontman of Czech Republic’s Black/Death Metal PURNAMA, wrote an article Metal music titled “Therapy Of Evil”. It is PURNAMA’s message that explains what metal brings to people, why it looks like evil, but it does good and who is actually the people around Metal music .... It's a message to everyone because it simply uncovers the imaginary line between good and evil and explains the irreplaceable importance of Metal music. Check it out below.

“Therapy By Evil” by Jakub Viták.

“Often, people ask how we can see beauty in something dark and ominous. Why so much aggression, defiance, anger, darkness? The fascination with death and destruction? Yes, you'll find all of this is in Metal music. And you know why?

Because it is all part of the human being. And Evil itself becomes Evil only if it is denied in a human being and thus it will control us. Let's accept this side exists in us so we can operate with it. That is what Metal is doing. Metal music helps everything ominous and negative to cast out of a man in a controlled form and thus strengthens the good in us. Surrounded by the lethal energy of Metal music, we stand side by side and feel the beauty and rarity of living. Here and now in the present moment that connects us. We are in the storm. Together! We feel that with all the negative things in our world we are simultaneously growing stronger and with that, the desire to be here not just for ourselves. At least, that's what I feel, and that's why I became part of metal music and the community of people where resistance, hatefulness and everything I mentioned above is left largely just in the music.

What's that beautiful about? It is the explosion of energy and the feeling of human, though negative, aggressive, sad, but in spite of it, sincere and with nothing to hide. Everything is ventilated out. It's an exciting art and works with everything dark within oneself. It's a tremendous power, freeing your natural desires and demons. Everything that is choking us will explode and is poured into the music. And we know it stays there. Admiring metal music is like admiring the dark side of our mother Earth. For example, the power of natural elements. Unchained power of storm or volcano eruption. Have you ever been mesmerized and fascinated by the storm or volcano eruption? You know that the turbulent ominous sea with all those dangerous tides is deadly, but that's exactly what you're observing with excitement. Breathtaking feelings as you are being swept away by that energy. Then it stops. Breathe out. Relaxed and still full of excitement we look into our souls. Everything inside calms down, harmony appears and also the need to share with those who were with us through this dangerous experience.

This is how I think about Metal music. And that's what it is doing to me. It is admirable that someone can dig out from the negative the monumental natural energy that connects people and makes them feel each. Feeling all the evil in the music that connects within all of us. And all this happens so that man is purified and his character is strengthened. Not the bad habits, but the bright side. At that moment, one feels free and unbounded. He is not a slave to anything and anybody. He is a free human being. He uses and accepts the darkness to realize the beauty of light. He feels his connection with everything. Evil and goodness are in balance, and human is the centerpiece with the power to control everything. Metal music may be creating evil in a music form, but actual goodness in a real life.”

And thanks to this finding, there was a desire and the need to establish a Metal band. Such a band into which all anger and dark energy can be installed. One that is like a flame that burns but also shines. Which will be unrestrained natural element full of energy. I called it PURNAMA.

Source: www.Purnama.Cz