I.N.C.: ''First Go Rek'' Video Streaming Online

I.N.C.: ''First Go Rek'' Video Streaming Online

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Connecticut quintet INDESTRUCTIBLE NOISE COMMAND (I.N.C.) have played uncompromising Thrash since 1985 when Erik Barath and Dennis Gergely formed the band in high school. After a pair of albums on a major label, the band took some time off before making a full-on return in 2010. On March 08th, their fifth full-length album, “Terrible Things”, will be released. It finds the band returning to their roots: stripped down thrash with a technical edge. The band has released their new video for the song “First Go Rek”. Check it out below.

“We were angry and wild”, guitarist Erik Barath says of I.N.C.s 1985 genesis, a reaction to the homogenous pop of MTV. “[That music] didn’t represent what we were feeling. Aggressive Thrash Metal was our outlet and our truth”. INDESTRUCTIBLE NOISE COMMAND crew recorded a demo tape in 1986 and immediately started booking bigger shows, appearing on stage with the likes of EXODUS, MEGADETH, PANTERA, TESTAMENT and KING DIAMOND. Less than a year later and only six months after their high school graduation, I.N.C. were signed to Giant Records to begin work on their first full length album, "Razorback," which was released in 1987.

“Terrible Things” tracklist:

01. “Fist Go Rek”
02. “Identifier”
03. “Declaration”
04. “Terrible Things”
05. “Pledge Of Legions”
06. “Unscathed”
07. “Bone Saw Ballet”
08. “Salmonella”
09. “Nemesis”
10. “Devil Of Hearts”

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