RAVENS CREED: New Song ''Hymn & Hearse'' Online

RAVENS CREED: New Song ''Hymn & Hearse'' Online

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British Death Metal band RAVENS CREED have completed their fourth album, entitled “Get Dead Or Try Dying”, which is going to be released through Xtreem Music on August 02nd. Listen below to the new track “Hymn & Hearse” streaming below.

On this new album, RAVENS CREED stick to their habitual style which blends Death Metal with Crust hints and a nasty sound inspired in bands like DEATH STRIKE, MASTER, VENOM, and HELLHAMMER, delivering 13 new tunes of sleazy bizarrism.

“Get Dead Or Try Dying” tracklist:

01. “Intro - Unrelenting Supremacy”
02. “Dead Bird On Winchester Street”
03. “Death On A Rival”
04. “Get Killed Or Try Dying”
05. “Hymn & Hearse”
06. “Off With Their Legs”
07. “Treacherous Rector”
08. “Rats Beneath Our Feet”
09. “Remember The Hammer”
10. “Sound Of Sirens”
11. “When A Deaf Man Goes Blind”
12. “The Trauma Of Being Hunted”
13. “Outro”

Source: www.XtreemMusic.Com