THE GREAT DIVIDE: ''CIFO'' Video Streaming

THE GREAT DIVIDE: ''CIFO'' Video Streaming

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THE GREAT DIVIDE the Punk Hardcore band from Paris released the music video for the second single “CIFO” which is available for streaming below.

The song comes from the album “Linger Over, Linger On” which

“CIFO” (Cursed, Incompletes, Freaks, Offbeats) music video immerse the viewer in a goofy 90s atmosphere. Shot in digitalvVideo by The Bad Taste Bros and inspired by the BEASTIE BOYS and Z movies, THE GREAT DIVIDE’s band members get off the track they beat so far, taking the risk of acting. The four worst actors studio perform their day-to-day struggles they have to overcome in order to live their common passion. We hope you’ll appreciate its oddity.

“Linger Over, Linger On” tracklist:

01. “@realDonald”
02. “Anyone, Evermore”
03. “The Night”
04. “True Friend”
05. “Earth”
06. “Wave I”
07. “The Books”
08. “CIFO”
09. “Wave II”
10. “Wise”
11. “Ubac”
12. “Linger Over, Linger On”

Source: www.Facebook.Com/TheGreatDivide