GONE BY SUNDOWN Join Sliptrick Records

GONE BY SUNDOWN Join Sliptrick Records

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Swedish Symphonic Heavy Metal group GONE BY SUNDOWN joined Sliptrick Records.

GONE BY SUNDOWN was originally formed in 2013 by Tonie Rombin and Tomas Pedersen. The idea was to mix styles and inspiration from many different bands among MUSTACH, MOTÖRHEAD and newer Metal. The band soon recorded its debut single “A Wise Mans Linger” along with their debut video but shortly after, the members ran into internal problems and the band was put on ice. In early 2017, the project was re-started by Tonie Rombin and after extensive searching a new line-up was ready to write and perform.

The first new track written by the new GONE BY SUNDOWN was “Will You Remember” and was quickly followed by a batch of new material and the re-working of some old numbers to suit the new lineup. During September and October 2017, the single and accompanying video was recorded and at the end of December 2017, “Will You Remember” (mixed by talented Brazilian underground producer Marcos Cerutti) was ready for release. The track was mastered by Swedish legendary producer Ronnie Björnström, known for working with heavy acts like MESHUGGAH, NAGELFAR, any many more.

GONE BY SUNDOWN are now preparing the release of their new EP “The Endless Path” on May 22nd via Sliptrick Records.

Source: www.SliptrickRecords.Com