TORTURE SQUAD: ''In Fate'' Video Streaming

TORTURE SQUAD: ''In Fate'' Video Streaming

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Brazillian Death Thrashers TORTURE SQUAD released the second drum cam recording session of the new song “In Fate”. Watch it streaming below.

The song comes from the album “Far Beyond Existence” which was released in July 2017 via Secret Service Records.

This song is, without doubt, one of the more aggressive, not only of the album as the band's history. And this recording took a lot out of me. As I opted for a lower pitch, the skin was more loose, so I had to take the sound of the drums with more grip, which is difficult when you have a lot of things fast. It was tiring, but rewarding. I was very happy with everything, with the entire structure of the studio Orra Man and Loud Factory and with the production by “Wizard” Wagner. We talked a lot and we were with the same focus on sound, since the first preproduction, we understand each other”,says drummer Amílcar Christófaro.

“Far Beyond Existence” tracklist:

01. “Don't Cross My Path”
02. “No Fate”
03. “Blood Sacrifice”
04. “Steady Hands”
05. “Hate”
06. “Hero For The Ages”
07. “Far Beyond Existence”
08. “Cursed By Desease”
09. “You Must Proclaim”
10. “Torture In Progress”

Source: www.Roadie-Metal.Com