ROYAL HUNT: ''A Million Ways To Die'' Lyric Video

ROYAL HUNT: ''A Million Ways To Die'' Lyric Video

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"Cast In Stone" is the upcoming 14th studio album from Danish Power / Progressive Metal masters ROYAL HUNT. The album will be released in Japan on February 7th via King Records, rest of the world on February 21st via NorthPoint Productions. A lyric video for the track "A Million Ways To Die" can be found below.

André Andersen (keyboards): "This album took a while to complete… mind you, between the very first idea and until the final mix we did two tours and released two live-albums… so this one's been in the making for quite some time. In a way it's been very practical: you could work on it for a while, than go on doing something else and then come back later to re-evaluate what's been done before.

"As a result all songs on the album are solid and well crafted, showing every aspect of ROYAL HUNT today: originality, catchy hooks, strong melodies, great musicianship and larger-than-life production. On that - the production - we definitely did quite a job: all the vital recorded parts were done in analog as well as the final mixing/mastering so there're no “loudness wars” in-sight; no brickwall limited, over-compressed, lifeless wall of sound… the album breaths just like a real Rock album should.

"I could also go on for hours praising everybody's contribution - musicians and singers alike - but as my opinion will inevitably be very biased, I would prefer to leave the final judgment to you… after all this album's been made for you to enjoy (although we're enjoying it immensely ourselves at the moment)."

"Cast In Stone" will be available in a regular edition (a single CD digipak with 16-page booklet) and a deluxe edition double CD box set with 20-page booklet and bonus material. Pre-order HERE.

Source: www.FaceBook.Com/RoyalHunt