CARDIAC ARREST: Debut LP Vinyl Reissue

CARDIAC ARREST: Debut LP Vinyl Reissue

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Transcending Records has released the vinyl LP reissue of “Morgue Mutilations”, the debut full-length from Chicago Death Metal stalwarts CARDIAC ARREST. Originally released in 2006, “Morgue Mutilations” has been committed to vinyl for the first time. A CD re-issue with bonus tracks will be released in early 2018. The album dishes up 10 tracks of unrelenting old school Chicago styled Death Metal.

Order info (use coupon code "CARDIAC" for $3 off vinyl purchase):

Black 12" Vinyl - HERE
Blood Red 12" Vinyl - HERE
Blood Red & Black 12" Vinyl Bundle - HERE

CARDIAC ARREST is a Death Metal band who began its existence in the bowels of Chicago, Illinois (USA) in the late 1990s. The band consists of four individuals with an unearthly interest in all that's absurd, morbid, unhealthy, etc. Some members came, some went, but the premise remains four albums later. From out of the cemetery in into your stereo system... CARDIAC ARREST carve out a real nightmare. Rot Forever!

“Morgue Mutilations” tracklist:

Side A:
01. “See Red”
02. “Stiffs In The Basement”
03. “Forbidden Passage”
04. “Carnage Your Fate”
05. “Ridding As I Carve”

Side B:
01. “Beyond Trauma”
02. “As The Dead Pillage”
03. “Gutted With A Shovel”
04. “Into The Woodchipper”
05. “Breathing In The Dirt”

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