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DEVIL IN DISGUISE, featuring GLACIER vocalist Michael Podrybau, have received the blessings from the surviving members of GLACIER to carry on with the original name.

DEVIL IN DISGUISE was born in 2016 as a tribute to the ‘80s US Cult Metal act GLACIER. The name was picked off of the track from the EP, since it was not officially GLACIER and as the best way to pay respect to the history of the original band and the fans who would be seeing the performances.

The band was formed as a special one off tribute performance scheduled to play at the 2017 Edition of the 'Ragnarokkr Metal Apocalypse' Fest in Chicago, IL. When the festival got cancelled, DEVIL IN DISGUISE was invited to play the legendary 'Keep It True Festival' in Germany. The band also made an appearance at the 'Legions Of Metal Festival' in Chicago the same year. Things took off for the band and it became more than just a one off tribute. Still using the DEVIL IN DISGUISE moniker more shows were offered to the band. The idea to keep it going and writing new material came up and new songs began to start happening. This was no longer going to be just a tribute band.

So, now the band known as DEVIL IN DISGUISE will carry on in the future with a revised line up and using the classic GLACIER name for all future shows and festival appearances. New material is currently being worked on as well. The band is now ready for battle under the GLACIER name and it’ll be appeared at the 'Northwest Metal Fest' in Seattle, WA in March and at 'Up The Hammers' in Greece this coming May.

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Source: www.FaceBook.Com/DevilInDisguise71