HANGING GARDEN: New Song Posted Online

HANGING GARDEN: New Song Posted Online

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Finnish masters of high-class melancholia HANGING GARDEN released another new track entitled “Our Dark Design” from the forthcoming new album “I Am Become”. Check it out below.

While retaining their roots in Metal music, HANGING GARDEN possess a versatile style of playing, drawing influence and inspiration from music and art. By doing so, the Finns strive for a permanent impression and songs that go beyond music. The conceptual approach anticipates the interaction with the listeners and reaches far below the surface. The band from Helsinki addresses implicit, pure feelings as they calls for the concentration of the listeners. On this basis, HANGING GARDEN's development continues consistently on the fifth album. “I Am Become” sounds familiar on the one and surprising, yet challenging on the other hand. Again there are well-known guest-vocalists to find on the record - such as Tomi Joutsen (AMORPHIS) or Niko Kalliojärvi (AMORAL, HUMAVOID).

The album brings forth an array of tunes both serene and somber, and continues the bands aesthetic play of light and dark, further developing their journey of different soundscapes.

“I Am Become” tracklist:

01. “As Above, So Below”
02. “Hearthfire”
03. “Elysium”
04. “Our Dark Design”
05. “Kouta”
06. “From Iron Shores”
07. “One Hundred Years”
08. “Forty One Breaths”
09. “Ennen”

Source: www.LifeForceRecords.Com