5IVE: ''Versus'' Reissue In Digital Format

5IVE: ''Versus'' Reissue In Digital Format

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Magic Bullet Records' ‘Five Weeks Of 5IVE’ continues, as the label digitally reissues the entire catalog of defunct Boston riff/Math/Doom Rock act, 5IVE. Today, the reissued “Versus” gets its digital rebirth.

Originally released as a three-song micro-release in 2004 on guitarist Ben Carr's Odd Halo imprint limited to 200 pieces on CD format, 5IVE's “Versus” originally bridged the gap between “The Hemophiliac Dream” and 2008's “Hesperus” full-length. This expanded edition now features two additional tracks in the form of a dual-stage remix from courtesy of GODFLESH and JESU's Justin Broadrick. All of this material has been out of print for many years, with some of it having never been offered before digitally. For most people, this is the long-awaited wide release of some of the most difficult 5IVE material to track down historically.

5IVE on this release was Ben Carr on guitars and Charles Harrold on drums. “Versus” was recorded and mixed by Benn Carr and Bo Dixon at Odd Halo Recording Studio, mastered by Nick Zampiello at New Alliance East, and features illustrations by Aaron Turner.

Stream and order 5IVE's “Versus” via Magic Bullet HERE.

“Versus” tracklist:

01. “Soma”
02. “Reso-I”
03. “Man Or Marker”
04. “Soma” remix by JK Broadrick (Stage 1)
05. “Soma” remix by JK Broadrick (Stage 2)

‘Five Weeks Of 5IVE’ concludes next week with the digital release of “Hesperus” on September 22nd.

Source: www.EarSplitCompound.Com