FLESHKILLER Sign With Indie Recordings

FLESHKILLER Sign With Indie Recordings

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Indie Recordings has announced the signing of FLESHKILLER. Founded by Ole Børud, FLESHKILLER saw the light of day as a result of EXTOL’s return to hiatus after their last album in 2013. The upcoming debut album titled "Awaken" was recorded and mixed between late 2015 and early 2017 at multiple locations around the world. Also written by Ole Børud, the style of music mixes old school Death Metal aesthetics with rich harmonic Prog fusion elements. Compared to his previous efforts in the genre these new compositions spark a new level of intensity.

First single and pre-order start on June 30th with release of the debut album "Awaken" in September.

"We’re so happy to be part of the Indie Recordings family, it really feels like a great match for FLESHKILLER! The people at Indie appear to be genuinely into music which makes for a great dialogue and we look forward to future achievements in collaboration with them! Can’t wait to share the upcoming album with all of you!", commented Ole.

“With their jaw-dropping mix of pure Metal brutality and mesmerizing hooks, FLESHKILLER make an astonishing entrance to the stage of Metal. Their debut record stand short of none, and is a testament to the fantastic musicianship and songwriting capabilities embodied by the band. It`s a great honor to welcome them to the Indie Recordings family!”, added Erlend Gjerde, managing director at Indie Recordings.

Facedown Records will release the album in the US and Canada, while it will be available in the rest of the world via Indie Recordings.

FLESHKILLER Sign With Indie Recordings

Source: www.IndieRecordings.No