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Bassist Ron Holzner (THE SKULL, ex-TROUBLE) and guitarist Jason Muxlow (WINTERING, THE LIVING FIELDS) decided to mutually disband Chicago Doom Metal outfit EARTHEN GRAVE after five years of existence.

Ron Holzner states about this decision:

Jason and I started this band in 2008 (with Scott Davidson) in a time when I was about to retire from the music business but Jason rejuvenated me musically and started a fire under my ass! We assembled a great group of musicians and finished writing a bunch of good songs and recorded them. Our last show was with PENTAGRAM and it was one of our best. Mark Weiner, Rachel Barton Pine, Scott Davidson, Tony Spillman, and Chris Wozniak were great to play, write and record with. I wish to all of them nothing but wonderful blessings, happiness and success in whatever they do. It was a long, hard but musically rewarding journey.

“In the words of Robert Smith of THE CURE: ‘I don't want another run around / I don't want to start again / No, I don't want another run around / I want this to be the end’

EARTHEN GRAVE was the end of ‘starting over’ for me... I'm ready to ride out THE SKULL into the sunset.

“It was a lot of work in those five years; writing, recording, producing, managing, booking shows, book keeping, etc... It was a full time job that financially cost me and did not turn a profit and you can only do this for so long until the financial stranglehold gets the best of you. After all, five years is the average lifespan of bands. Jason wanted out, and I did not have it in me to continue without him.”

Jason Muxlow adds:

“I loved EARTHEN GRAVE and I am sad to leave it behind. I’m grateful for the experience, the friends I would have never made otherwise and every opportunity the band and my bandmates gave me. It was a wonderful five years!

“For the immediate future, I’m focusing on finishing an album with WINTERING, my Death Metal band (, then diving into the next installment of THE LIVING FIELDS (”

During the five years of existence, EARTHEN GRAVE released the demo “Dismal Times”, two singles (“Blood Drunk” and “Death Is Another Word…”) and the full length album “Earthen Grave”.

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EARTHEN GRAVE, after winning best new artist at Chicago Music Awards, 2010

Source: www.FaceBook.Com/EarthenGrave