GRUESOME Sign With Relapse Records

Relapse Records is excited to announce the signing of old school Death Metal supergroup GRUESOME. Featuring guitarist/vocalist Matt Harvey (EXHUMED, DEKAPITATOR), drummer Gus Rios (ex-MALEVOLENT CREATION), guitarist Daniel Gonzalez (POSSESSED) and bassist Robin Mazen (DERKETA), the group formed in April 2014 as a respectful celebration of the sound of the early DEATH records.

Matt Harvey commented on the signing: "We're very psyched to be joining the Relapse roster. Their support in our mission to keep the early DEATH sound alive means a lot, especially since they're the home of the DEATH catalog. We'll be entering the studio in (where else?) Florida very soon to wrap up a record by the end of summer for an early 2015 release. We can't wait for all of you mutants out there to check it out. We assure you it'll be utterly gruesome (see what I did there?). Cheers!”

Stay tuned for more news and details on GRUESOME.

Source: www.PettingZoo.Nl