Manowar @ Munchenbryggeriet, Stockholm (SWE)


Date: 10th March, 2013
Venue: Munchenbryggeriet
Ticket: 650SEK (€75 / $97)
Promoter: KB/Triffid/Playground

There are not many bands that stir up feelings the way MANOWAR do. They sure have been yelled at, and now for the last few tours mainly due to the price of the concerts tickets. But as Joey DeMaio put it during that night, MANOWAR do bring the best and the greatest things for their fans, their own PA and a hell lot of gear. And yes, that PA sure was fantastic, a bit oversized for Munchenbryggeriet perhaps, but the sound was great. My own speculation was that MANOWAR needed the money to pay the fee for playing too loud, anything over 105dB will result in a quite extensive fee in Sweden. And it sure was loud, a lot more than the allowed limit. I like that! Also, the good thing about the price is that everyone in the venue really wanted to be there and that sure showed in the crowd's response.

The anticipation inside the venue before MANOWAR had started was really high and people settled by the fence more than an hour before the show. First song out was the trademark track “Manowar” followed by “Call To Arms”. It was all explosive; MANOWAR seemed charged and eager to play and they really felt like a band playing together this time. One thing in particular I reacted on this time was drummer Donnie Hamzik; his drive and dynamics are great and it is absolutely needed to keep it all together. Another thing very striking is Eric Adams' voice - he sounds absolutely fantastic.

It was a great thing that so many songs from latest release “The Lords Of Steel” was featured in the setlist. Even if the classics are fantastic, “Mountains” from “Sign Of The Hammer” to mention one, it still is great to hear a batch of new ones, and they sure fitted well into the set among the rest of the tracks. And why shouldn't they, since the album is really good.

On one occasion, for “El Gringo”, Joey went out and stopped the song and I think everyone waited for a regular Joey speech. This time though it was just a concern for the ones in the front row: about an hour into the set, the pressure was intense and people just kept pushing forward to get closer to the stage. The second try for the same song was also interrupted since Joey needed to tune his bass. Third time lucky though and MANOWAR completed the song.

In general, it was a great flow throughout the whole concert, good pace and drive. There was only one small dip and that was right after Joey’s speech. I think a bit of it belongs in a MANOWAR concert and this time it was good words since Aftonbladet (Swedish evening post who normally slams MANOWAR shows happening here) actually wrote a good review about the concert in Karlstad that happened two days prior to the show in Stockholm. Still, I think people took the opportunity to go to the bar because the response from the crowd for the following songs was not the same as it had been up until now.

It all picked up very well and the final three songs of the regular set, “Hail And Kill”, “Manowarriors” and “The Lord Of Steel”, and it was back to the high standard response from the crowd. So, I actually have to agree with Joey a bit, the ticket price was fair, it was value for money from the MANOWAR performance and the extensive setlist, but also the atmosphere was really special and this because everyone paid attention 100% (apart from a few minutes in the middle though) all the time. The encores were the peak though with “Warriors Of The World” and “Black Wind Fire And Steel”. About 2 hours and 10 minutes after “Manowar” sounded out of the speakers, MANOWAR closed down “Black Wind, Fire And Steel” with Joey ripping the strings off his bass and giving them to four selected people in the front before handing over the bass, as did Karl Logan with his guitar, while Eric was holding them with stretched arms letting the feedback scream. When the massive wall of sound had tuned out the pre-recorded “The Crown And The Ring” and it’s always fascinating to see the crowd solemnly watching the stage-lights fade, while the tune is playing through the speakers.

So this was an absolutely fantastic MANOWAR concert, and sure as hell worth every cent.

MANOWAR setlist;

01. “Manowar”
02. “Call To Arms”
03. “Sign Of The Hammer”
04. “The Power”
05. “Hail, Kill And Die”
06. Guitar Solo
07. “Brothers Of Metal Pt. 1”
08. “Mountains”
09. “Expendable”
10. “El Gringo”
11. “Thunder In The Sky”
12. Bass Solo
13. “The Sons Of Odin”
14. “Hand Of Doom”
15. Drum Solo
16. “Kill With Power”
17. “Kings Of Metal”
18. “Hail And Kill”
19. “Manowarriors”
20. “The Lord Of Steel”
21. “Warriors Of The World”
22. “Black Wind, Fire And Steel”
23. “The Crown And The Ring” (taped outro)