Atlantean Kodex @ Stereo, Glasgow (UK)


Date: 15th November, 2014
Venue: Stereo Cafe Bar
Ticket: £15 ($23/€19) in advance - £18 ($28/€22) day of show
Promoter: n/a

The moment I learned that DARK FOREST, SOLSTICE and ATLANTEAN KODEX would be under the same bill in a little venue over Glasgow, I got that nice feeling on the sword bone: "wow, I need to be there somehow, anyhow". Personal and working duties should somehow bypassed even for a few hours and eventually, four days before the event, train tickets were booked and the 4-hours train journey from Leeds to Glasgow was part of the Saturday’s schedule. The train trip to Glasgow is other than boring and although all by myself with as only company my beloved iPod - LORDIAN GUARD were competing with BATHORY, the picturesque landscapes of the British autumn nature were just the perfect emotional preparation ahead of the blast that was about to follow.

The Stereo Cafe Bar that was hosting the event is only three minutes walking distance from Glasgow Central train station, so getting there was an easy and quick deal and also gave me the necessary time to enjoy 2-3 shots of the famous local Scottish product which is not other than whiskey - malt to be precise. Having already left behind the daily stress, I headed for the basement, where the small but efficient stage was already ready to welcome the bands. Under the sounds of the legendary CIRITH UNGOL's “Frost And Fire” and around 7pm, the first band of the bill, the English DARK FOREST stepped on the stage.

The notes from “The Green Knight” taken from the "Dawn Of Infinity" album was the best introduction to the band’s old way traditional Heavy Metal. Strong riffs, extremely interesting and melodic guitar solos and vocal choruses that just stick in your head. The crowd from the very first song seemed to be there to participate and sing along with the group. In fact, it felt that the majority of the audience knew the music of the three bands, so the atmosphere was awesome!

Tracks from the newly released “Awakening” were of course included in the setlist; “Sacred Signs" with the wonderful melodies and vocal parts to-die-for followed and the temperature inside the basement of Stereo was steadily increasing. It is always good to watch young bands performing passionately the traditional way. It was like taking a trip back to time to the early Metal days, which to admit I lost simply because of age. The band did not have much time - I believe only about 30 minutes - but managed to exhaust everybody and the closing track “Sons Of England” with the clear lyric messages was a nice epilogue for this live set. Well done, boys! Christian Horton and Co. gave their best vibes to warm-up everybody and definitely achieved more than that. All of their albums are worth of Metal community's attention but the last one with the new singer Josh Winnard is just a jewel.


Dark Forest @ Stereo (UK) (photos by Giorgos Filinis) Dark Forest @ Stereo (UK) (photos by Giorgos Filinis) Dark Forest @ Stereo (UK) (photos by Giorgos Filinis) Dark Forest @ Stereo (UK) (photos by Giorgos Filinis)

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The mighty SOLSTICE were next and the opportunity to see a group of this caliber was just too good to be missed. They started with their anthem “The Sleeping Tyrant” from “The New Dark Age” and during the three quarters of an hour set, they spilled their loud statement onto our eager ears. Singer Paul Kearns was so active and energetic that his stage performance was just a screamer. Even if you were one that did not want to pay attention to the band, this guy would just grab your attention, no questions asked! Leader of the band and guitarist Richard Walker stood on the very side of the stage and along with the other guitar player of the band Andy Whittaker - an excellent player by any means - delivered their excellent goods to a crowd that was really there for them. SOLSTICE is not a young band and have been around for more than 25 years defying the mainstream and have been one of the cult-est Doom bands around. But this is not just one more band but has contributed to what we call Metal / Doom sound and especially “The New Dark Age” is just an amazing album, absolutely necessary for any vinyl or CD collection, if you support this music genre. Anyway, back to their live performance, and “I Am The Hunter” from last year's fantastic, high quality EP “Death's Crown Is Victory” just kept the spirit high. By the way, the band is about to release a full LP soon - if they have not already - with the name “White Horse Hill”. What I can say is for those, who never got along with this amazing band that you must check everything SOLSTICE has released. Personally, I must express my honour and gratefulness that they gave me the opportunity to see them live.


Solstice @ Stereo (UK) (photos by Giorgos Filinis) Solstice @ Stereo (UK) (photos by Giorgos Filinis) Solstice @ Stereo (UK) (photos by Giorgos Filinis)

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And then, the ATLANTEAN KODEX guys were the perfect climax of an amazing night in Glasgow. Their recently released “White Goddess” grabbed so many glorious reviews and rightly so. Their mix of BATHORY - Viking era - meeting MANOWAR has given some proper anthems of cult True Metal. And that night, they did not disappoint us. “Heresiarch”, “Sol Invictus” from the aforementioned album along with “Pilgrim” from their previous effort made us singing on top of our lungs. “Twelve Stars And An Azure Gown” with its amazing melodic riff just gave a perfect epilogue of a perfect bill. Singer Marcus Becker with its SATAN - “Court In The Act" t-shirt was all over the place and with his comfortable communication with the crowd - I noticed many Germans amongst them - is an amazing frontman. Probably you do not realize how good he is, if you do not see him live. Guitarists Manuel Trummer and Michael Koch were as solid as should ever be and Florian Kruizer at bass along with drummer Maro Weiss showed how important is to sacrifice the personal show-off in favour of a solid sound and a solid melody. Well done, guys! ‘The Annihilation Of Glasgow’ had been completed and the only thing that remained to be wished for is just to find more chances to see them live in action again and again. Needless to say that I am more than impatient to see what they have got under their belt for their next studio strike.


Atlantean Kodex @ Stereo (UK) (photos by Giorgos Filinis) Atlantean Kodex @ Stereo (UK) (photos by Giorgos Filinis) Atlantean Kodex @ Stereo (UK) (photos by Giorgos Filinis) Atlantean Kodex @ Stereo (UK) (photos by Giorgos Filinis) Atlantean Kodex @ Stereo (UK) (photos by Giorgos Filinis)

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