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Doro - Doro Pesch

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If you don’t know it yet, let me put the record straight; there is only one Queen in the Metal scene and that is Doro. So, it was a true honor for us to get the chance to have a really long conversation with Her that made us feel like we were longtime friends. I have to admit that after many interviews this was the first time that I lost my words stunned my Her dedication to this music and her down-to-earth attitude. Read all the music-related info below!

Why did you choose Chicago and New York to do these special shows?
Well, actually at first we wanted to do more, but then the booking agent said no, since it would be best to do a full tour next year with the new album. And then we thought just to do some release parties for the DVD. But then we said ‘let’s just do shows’. We chose New York because I know so many people there, so it would be nice to come up onstage and I love The Gramercy Theatre which is a great venue. And then, it was Chicago simply because we have such great memories from the show in Mokena at The Pearl Room 3 years ago. Also, we made one more show for free in Philadelphia at Best Buy, since Nick and Johnny are from there and Johnny said that we should do it for free. And I said ‘let’s do this’!

Yep, we were at Mokena, it was great! While waiting for you to do this interview, we were discussing that there is no one female singer in Metal that can even get close to you. So why is that? We can say what is so special in Doro, but what comes from your point of view?
I’m not the one to talk about myself; everybody has a different taste. I am just putting my heart in music. And I know there are so many great ladies out there who are doing a great job. I just love it so much. I always knew that I wanted to do this. When I was 3 years old I felt that I wanted to be a singer. So, it comes from my heart and this is true. I’m not interested in anything else but the fans and the music and I’m totally dedicated to that. I think the fans know that. I don’t have a husband, I don’t have kids, I was never divorced, I’ve never had the desire to get married. I just wanted to be out there with all of you.

You did some filming before the show, right?
Yeah, it was for SISTER SIN. It’s a Scandinavian band with a female singer (Liv Jagrell) who is great and she sent me a demo which was actually a MOTÖRHEAD cover, “Rock ‘n’ Roll” and I listened to it and said ‘yeah I will definitely do this’. I’m a guest on that song and I am singing a couple of lines. So, the record company came down today and filmed stuff for the video and it was really cool!

Great! Before continuing with my music-related questions, I have to ask: how is your house at Long Beach?
It’s a completely mess! I have lost all the memorabilia for the fans; there is nothing in the house anymore. Most of the house is made of wood so all that water did destroy almost everything.

Are you staying in a hotel right now?
Yes, I’m mostly staying at friends and in a hotel. I had like zero sleep before the New York yesterday and I was so exhausted because of that situation. But you know I said, I’ll do this, it’s ok! And then I had to go to the house and clean up and it was so exhausting to see everything ruined. I managed to save some thing... but life has to keep going.

You had some very interesting guests in the New York show.
Mark Tornillo from ACCEPT and Chris Caffery and our old guitar player Joe Taylor, it was great! We wanted to play longer but they had a show at 11 o’clock and everybody had to get out and I was just warming up...

(interrupting) like today I think; you convinced to the guys to play one more song?
Yeah, exactly!

You had a new song in the setlist called “Raise Your Fist”. So, is it going to be on the new album?
Yes, it’s going to be on the new album.

What can you tell us for this album?
I think we have completed 80% of the new record and there are some great songs coming up. Actually, one song is dedicated to Ronnie James Dio and the working title is “Hero”. That’s a very special song. I was a big Dio fan and I know that there are so many fan out there are missing him so much, so definitely this song will be on the new record. Also they will be some speed Metal songs, some anthems songs and of course some power ballads.

Do you have in mind when will it be released?
Maybe next spring, because we’ll be touring until the end of this year, so it’s not enough time to work in the studio. And then we need some time to cool off after the tour and stuff like that. I think around spring time the new album will be out.

Are there any plans to return to the US for a full headlining tour?
Yeah, after the release of the new record, we’ll come again. I really like the US. Actually, when I came here in 1986-87, I knew after 2 days that I wanted to stay here.

Why did it take you so long to release the anniversary DVD one year later in the US?
That’s a good question! It’s always the case that in America the stuff gets released a little bit later. There is so much stuff in that DVD so we were searching for the right a label to do it. So, we decided to go with Nuclear Blast that we know since we are signed with them in Europe. Then, there were all the logistics and negotiations that seemed to go on forever, but I’m so glad that actually it’s released. Unfortunately, the European version is packed with material, it has so many booklets inside, the artwork is great and it’s amazing!

Also, you have played with DIO DISCIPLES; how was that?
Oh man, it was a big honor that they asked me to do it; I saw their show in Hamburg, Germany and it was amazing! There were many songs and I was wondering how I could I learn them in such short notice; I think I learned 12 songs and I sung some them with Toby Jepson. The shows were great, very touching and emotional for the fans and for us. I know Dio’s band because we have toured together and there was like a family feeling and they made me feel like I was part of the band. It was great to sing all these fantastic songs; I fell in love with Dio’s music and singing all over again. And I want to say ‘thank you’ to Wendy Dio who even considering me filling in for Ripper and sharing the stage with Dio’s band. It was great.

Dio passed away, Peter Steele passed away, MOTÖRHEAD’s Würzel passed away… So, what’s next for the Metal scene since all these great personas are gone?
There so many great bands out there but unfortunately not that great as those were back in the 80s.

(“Born To Raise Hell” comes from the club’s speakers) wow, that’s a song for Doro!
Yeah, I sang that with Lemmy last December in Germany while we were on tour. I  love that song and I’m a big MOTÖRHEAD fan.

You have a special connection with MOTÖRHEAD, right?
Yeah, actually Lemmy was the first guy I met in 1982-83 in England; I couldn’t speak one word of English and then came Lemmy who passed me some whiskey, and I don’t drink much plus I had a gig to do; it was for Kerrang Magazine back then - the most important magazine at that time - so I had to introduce myself and then do some songs with another band, we actually did some PRIEST songs. So, I had such a good time with Lemmy talking and drinking and then I had to do the show; in the end, I had to sit in the drum raiser because I couldn’t stand on my feet. It was so funny! Then we met again in 1986 on the ‘Monsters Of Rock’ festival in England and in two shows Germany. One time I got a record and in the inner sleeve I saw a B/W photo Lemmy kissing me on the head. Then I thought that maybe it would cool to do a song together, so I cut that photo put in the letter where I said ‘hi Lemmy, I don’t know if you remember me, I am that German girl from WARLOCK and now we are on the same label (it was SPV back then); so is it possible to do a song together?’ I never expected to hear back because all these letters are sent into the management and it would be difficult to get a response from him (sometimes the letters do not get past the management). Suddenly, I got a phone call; actually, it was on the saddest day of my life since my father had passed away one day before. And then I didn’t want to pick up the phone or to even talk to someone; I was totally devastated. But I checked the phone call and I saw a foreign number so I was curious and I picked up the phone. It was Lemmy and said to me that he had read my letter and he wanted to do something together. I told him how heartbroken and sad I was and he said Doro, in this case we should definitely do a song together and try to get your mind off that sadness”. A couple of months weeks later, I went to LA and we recorded two songs; one that I love, the MOTÖRHEAD classic “Love Me Forever” and another one, “Alone Again”. Lemmy was definitely an angel to me and somehow he put me back on my feet and convinced me to go on. I loved my dad so much and we had such a great relation. He was the one to introduce me to music and later on he carried our equipment (he was a truck driver) when I was in my first band SNAKEBITE and he drove us around when I was in WARCLOCK; he is my best friend and I loved him so much. So, Lemmy helped a lot during that difficult time.

Have you ever thought to write all these things down and make your own biography?
Not in the time being. Now, I just want to do more records and more tours because, after all, writing a book requires time. If I ever decide to write a book, I will do it by myself and not have someone else write it for me. I want this to be honest and true.

But you have this in your mind, right?
Yeah, but maybe not now; maybe in 10 - 20 years from now.

So, Doro it’s been a genuine pleasure to talk to you but it’s really getting late so, do you have anything else to add?
Yeah, I want to thank all the fans for their great support and love. I love them more than anything in this world and I will always love them. I’m totally dedicated to the fans and all the metalheads. And this will never change. I’m trying to give my best to make the fans happy, whatever it takes, fighting ‘till the very end, doing it ‘till the day I die.