The Three Tremors - Sean Peck, Tim 'Ripper' Owens

The Three Tremors - Sean Peck, Tim 'Ripper' Owens

THE THREE TREMORS are revving their engine to hit the road for another North American tour. METAL KAOZ got on the phone Sean Peck and Tim 'Ripper' Owens (while driving the latter gentleman to the airport) to get a good scoop of what this three-singer band has in the stove for us. Are you ready to scream along? Start reading!

The Three Tremors - Sean Peck, Tim 'Ripper' Owens

Hello Sean and welcome to METAL KAOZ! I know you have limited time in your disposal, so I’ll start right away. What was initially the idea of recording the album with each singer?
Yes, we’re about to drop Ripper at the airport, but let’s do this. We had all the tracks already and we just thought it would be a cool product. When Dave Garcia mixed the record - when we were putting the original one together -, we already had rough versions of these guys so we could hand-pick which parts are gonna go where. Ripper’s version of the songs was so good and Harry’s version was so good, so we eventually decided “man, it’d be cool since we already have this material, to launch them to the fans”. The first pressing was sold out, so it was a good idea.

Awesome! And you released those solo versions as a 3-CD package; are there any plans to make some sort of a vinyl edition?
We talked about doing a vinyl; it would have to be literally six records, so we talked about doing a double one where it would be all Ripper’s and a couple of songs from me and Harry. We still might do that but right now, you know, it’d be pretty expensive to put six vinyls out.

Yeah, but it would be cool.

I was watching the video for “Sonic Suicide” and reading what you said about “free speech being under attack”, so do you think isn’t it strange that even though we have the internet where everyone can say and share everything, it feels like we have less freedom?
Ripper (R): This is Ripper - Yeah, absolutely. I mean, you can’t disagree with somebody or voice an opinion and come at you and think you’re not allowed to say something - that’s completely odd. I think the internet and the social media pages have actually hurt free speech more than help it, just because of the way some people think they have it and some people don’t think they have it. So, it’s really odd how it’s worked that way.
Sean (S): Everyone is offended by everything and you have to steer around what you say and, you know, the good and happy speech is not really what needs to be defended but the speech that is controversial is what needs defending.
R: Yeah, here’s the issue; customers and fans of music think they have free speech but they don’t wanna hear what an artist has to say outside of a song. I sing about the same things I talk about but nobody obviously listens to the lyrics of the things I write because it’s exactly what this is about. But if an artist says something, nobody agrees with him but if the artist gets mad on somebody, they’re like “you can’t say that”. It’s just really funny how the fans and customers of music think they have all the free speech but artists, actors or whoever aren’t allowed of having free speech.

Yeah, I can see what you’re saying. Still, do you think that Heavy Metal is on the front line? Do you believe that bands have a loud voice nowadays as they did during the ‘80s?
R: Probably not; I mean a lot of the stuff of the ‘80s was talking about getting laid and then Hair Metal came along and fucking ruined everything. One moment, I sing about a monster or an alien, or a death-race, the next minute I sing about everyday life. So, I sing a lot about everyday life. I dunno, the good thing about Heavy Metal / Hard Rock is that we sing about everything and that’s why fans loved it. We did do songs about life and we did do songs about monsters or history, and that’s why fans love Heavy Metal. It’s not about pickup tracks, it’s about everything.
S: What Metal was supposed to be an escape, you know. We’ve got enough politics everywhere, so we do a political song like “Sonic Suicide”, we kind of veil it a little bit, so it’s not just super-out there. We leave some stuff out for interpretation, but I don’t like people preaching to me about their opinions, especially on topics that are very uneducated about. In Heavy Metal, I’m looking for an escape – we get enough politics on the news, on TV, on the radio; I think Heavy Metal sometimes is the forefront of free speech because we are on the extreme of music, you know. We represent rebellion, independence and freedom and that’s what we sing about – we like those ideologies.

Absolutely. So, are there any plans to work on a second THE THREE TREMORS full length album?
R: Yeah, absolutely. Sean and Dave and the guys have been started working on these things and gotta start sending ideas to Harry and myself. Listen, we’re talking about Sean Peck here whose head’s always constantly spinning on getting things moving. This is kind of his monster right now so he’s really working at it. Dave played some of the ideas yesterday and we’re listening to it while driving and Sean sent me and Harry ideas and it’s gonna be pretty awesome.
S: Dave Garcia who’s the guitar player and engineer here in the car, he’s driving us, so do not distract him right now (laughs).

Ok, I won’t (laughs). So you have six shows in the UK, right? Then you have a short break and the US tour. What do you have in your calendar after the US dates?
S: We’re gonna be working on a lot of recordings and writing. We may do some shows in Europe, maybe not but we’re trying to figure out our schedules and then it’ll all be just setting up for the next [interrupting himself] you know, we’ve got a bunch of offers, we’re just trying to work our schedules out. We’re trying to get down to South America, Japan, Australia. Ripper has a ton of stuff going on, I’ve got a new DEATH DEALER album coming out and we’re gonna be working on a new CAGE record, and we’re gonna work on the new THE THREE TREMORS record, and Harry has stuff, so it’s all juggling this stuff and yes, we made the TREMORS a priority, the shows are really cool. You know, when people see us live they absolutely love it. We sold-out all of our merch on this run, we underestimate the demand which is really cool. We had to repress the first CD three different times, we had to repress the vinyl, we had to repress the solo versions, so people are slowly but surely find out about it. It’s a unique thing, it’s cool.

That’s awesome! So, will you be changing the setlist aside from playing the entire album of course?
S: We’ll be, yeah, we’ll be juggling it a little bit; juggle the cover songs, we just put “Pit Shows No Mercy” back into the set. Not too much though, because the set is really nice and it goes up really well but some nights we might play an extra song, some nights Ripper might get up and play guitar – it kind of depends of how the vibe is – but it’s always gonna be a different show because we wiggle it a little bit some of the songs, it makes it kind of fun and fresh. We have a lot of people on this little run who came and see us three times in a row, so something’s gonna be right.

Awesome! I don’t wanna hold you anymore, I’ve got one more question for you, Sean; have you solidified the date for the DEATH DEALER release?
S: No, we’re looking still for what label we’re gonna be put it on (I think we have pretty much figured it out), but it’s gonna be either September or October probably.

And also you mentioned a CAGE album, so is this an on-going process?
S: Yeah, I mean Dave and I are way behind, we’ve got to get the TREMORS album done, we’ve got to get the CAGE album done, we’ve got Casey Trask and Sean Elg from CAGE in the car too, we’re all gonna be working really hard. We have some festivals for CAGE in March in Europe that we’re gonna be announcing and we’re gonna be trying get the new record to come out in concert with the European run, so we have a lot of work to do, man, but it’s all gonna be killer!

Great to hear, Sean! Again, thank you for taking the time to have this brief talk and answer my questions. Tim, have a safe travel wherever you’re going and I wish you the best!
R: Thank you!
S: Very nice! We really appreciate your support, Dimitris, it means a lot to us!