Reece - David Reece

Reece - David Reece

David Reece is probably known as the guy replacing Udo Dirkschneider in ACCEPT and being the voice on their “Eat The Heat” album. But there is much more than that to the man with a fantastic voice and aside from solo albums he also has been part of BANGALORE CHOIR, SAINTED SINNERS and BONFIRE for many years. On top of all this and after a successful tour celebrating the 30th anniversary of “Eat The Heat” Mr. Reece is back with another solo album titled “Resilient Heart”. METAL KAOZ took the opportunity to chat a little with the hardworking humble vocalist the day after of the release and the release party for the “Any Time At All” single.

Reece - David Reece

Yesterday you where hosting a release party at the Zeppelin Rockbar in Copenhagen, Denmark, for the first single from “Resilient Heart”, opening track “Any Time at All”, how was it?
Pretty good, we played the video and people loved it. We had a few guests there. It was a success you know, I was really happy to do it.

I couldn’t make it but I heard it was nice. You had type of a press conference or a live interview during the evening, right?
With the guy from JUNKYARD DRIVE? Yes that was a great interview, very personal and honest. A lot of stuff about the industry and being in bands, bla, bla, bla...

So, you are releasing the “Resilient Heart” on November 09th, right? What is your general feeling about the album at this point?
Yes I am! I have to be honest, I’ve been asked this a lot lately. Normally when I do an album I have a hard time to listen to it from start to finish but I really feel I touched something with this one. I love the whole album and the songs, the sound, the branding of the album with the logo, everything just fell into place and I really, really feel strong about this.

Yeah, that’s nice and I have to say that I really like it too! I think it’s a really great album. But why should other people, I mean, there are thousands of albums released every year so why should people pick up this one among the mass of other releases that is coming?
When I think about it, I had to do some soul searching when doing another solo album and I didn’t want to be anybody’s singer anymore. So I kind of sat down the last year and listened to some of the new young bands and sounds and what they were doing. So, rather than do a kind of a WHITESNAKE-ish tribute sounding record again I decided to take it in the direction you hear. It has a modern production, heavier tuning, deep lyrics, not the typical A.O.R kind of things. I mean, songs as “Two Coins (and a dead man)”, “Desire” songs like that. I just wanted to take it to a deeper level than you expect and what you hear non-stop in this business. It’s a bit boring, isn’t it?

Yes, definitely! If you were to pick your favourite songs from the album, which 2-3 would that be and why?

You know, I just sat down, Martin Jepsen Andersen is here and my assistance Toni Sambora so we’re in the apartment in Copenhagen and we put the album on as we got the discs from Mighty Music and I have to say that one song that really is kicking my ass right now is “Desire”. It has this great break and I can just see us playing it live. I’m really fond of “Perfect Apocalypse” and I like “Karma” a lot. So that’s three. And I also like “Two Coins And A Dead Man” and the reason why I like them is because they just fucking rocks. The lyrics are great, the melody, the guitars and everything just works you know. And when I can listen to an album pretty much in my head sitting at the kitchen table I know it works so I’m not sitting here thinking I could have done this better, I could have done that. I actually honestly feel like I hit it with this one. It’s a very rare feeling to have, I kind of being over critical with myself on records that I do. But sometimes, as I said earlier, the same time you get songs from people you record it and don’t really put a lot of time into it. But with these guys, we didn’t put a lot of time into it but miraculously, when they got the first couple of songs and the direction of the album I wanted to go it all came together very quickly. I mean, I think we wrote the album in two or three weeks and we tracked it really feast. It has got a lot of live energy in it so that’s basically the reason I love it.

I think that’s really spot on, I’ve only had the time to listened to it for a couple of days so far so I still have a bit hard to keep all tracks apart but it definitely have the energy, it’s a happy album. That was what struck me, I get energy from listening to it. It’s catchy and I’m really looking forward to hear the stuff live.
Yeah, you know. We’re playing November 09th in Copenhagen, we’re having the release party at High Voltage with ARTILLERY and I was told that show will be sold out. The place takes just about 300... And with ARTILLERY and us it should be a full house. They probably do some live video stuff there and maybe even record the show because the week before we’re going to be in Spain for four nights so the band will be pretty warmed up and ready to rock so I have a great feeling about that gig.

Back to the album then, you picked “Any time at All” as the single. How come you picked this song?

Eeehm, that was decided... It was actually one of the last songs that me and Martin wrote on the album and that jumped out for Michael Andersen from Mighty Music first and actually I really like that song and I know Martin was quite honoured as he wrote the riff and his song was chosen. I don’t know, I think it pretty much stands up to the rest of the album as a good start. It has a good sing along chorus. We played it live at the Luppolo in Rock in Cremona, Italy as you can see in the video and the audience really enjoyed it so I think it’s a winner. The next vide will probably be “Perfect Apocalypse” or the ballad “Forest Through The Trees” so we’ve already filmed those.

That’s very nice...
Yeah, that’s why we picked those. It was like, hey Martin they want to use your song you wrote musically for the first single and he’s like, yeah, that’s pretty awesome, Dave, haha... It’s a win win.

Yeah cool, and “Forest Through The Trees” is one of the three I listed as my favourites based on the first few spins.
Do you like it?

Yeah, I really like that one.
Nice! Nice, nice, nice... It kind of maintained some of those BANGALORE CHOIR influences that I did back in the 90’s and choruses and those Coverdale comparisons mentioned from time to time but I’m trying to not do too much of that you know. I think it has a nice modern punch to it and I’ve been getting responses all day today as today is the release-day of the video and the single. And everybody loves it so, so far so good you know. My hopes are pretty high this time.

By all means. But, you’ve already mentioned Martin and I’m familiar with his work and I understand why you picked him but why a Danish band?
Well, originally it was Martin Frank from SHOTGUN REVOLUTION that started to write the songs for the album, we wrote “Karma”, “Two Coins and a Dead Man” and “Heart of Stone”. Martin decided to go separate ways from Mighty Music and I was left without a writing partner and Michael Andersen suggested Marco Angioni who also produced the album in Death Island Studios. He sent me, I think the first song he sent me was “Wicked City Blues” and I wrote the lyrics to it and then he suggested Martin Jepsen Andrersen because they work together in MERIDIAN and immediately Martin started throwing tracks at me after he absorbed what I was trying to accomplish you know, the template.

And then, the bassist is from SAINTED SINNERS, Malte Frederik Burker Since being on tour with him so much and knowing him so well he was the obvious choice and then the original drummer who’s on the album, his name is Philipp Mies And out of the blue, we’d played some shows Martin and I in Sweden and after these few shows he just called me and said I don’t want to do this, I want to play Jazz and Blues.

And we were rather chocked as he is an amazing drummer as you can hear on the album and then we got Sigurd Jøhnk-Jensen from BLINDSTONE. He is doing the tours with us right now. So that’s kind of how it happened. And it was weird because normally when a label says that they have a production outfit for you it never really is as good as you think it’s going to be. But I really got lucky, I found some really solid guys who all share the same inspiration and, I don’t know if the word is vision or not but we all sat around the table and talked about our favourite bands... I’m actually going to jam with Martin tonight at a club with BLINDSTONE. We’re going to play some BAD COMPANY and some other stuff and you know... We come from the same background I suppose musically.

You sure have a lot of things going on right now, that’s cool. As you mentioned, you’re now signed to Danish label Mighty Music. How did you end up with them?
Eeehm, Mike Tramp... I did some gigs with him in the United States and I’ve known Mike since the 90’s you know, when we were in L.A., we traded emails after a gig in New York and he suggested his label to me as they have been behind him for years. And I had shopped with a few labels and it was really strange because the terms they used on my album was; we’re not sure what it sounds like it’s in between the chairs and I was like and that’s exactly what I wanted to hear. I want to be different, I don’t want to have atypical A.O.R album. And then when Michael Andersen heard it he was I sign you right now, let’s make a deal. So obviously he understood what I was trying to do.

Yeah, they’ve done a lot of good things for bands lately and they are also coming up in the media, they’re becoming bigger and bigger. I think he's doing a very good job.
Yes, I’m overwhelmed I think he’s doing well.

The album will be released on CD and I think two different versions of the vinyl... Right?
Aaaa, one version of the vinyl... Right, Martin? There’s two different track-lists, of course you can’t put 13 songs on the vinyl because of space issues. And the CD running-order is different from the vinyl running-order which is kind of cool you know as a special bonus and of course it’s available on digital versions as well but I prefer CD and vinyl myself. I like to hold it in my hands, read it, smell it, look at it you know.

Yes, definitely... But why did you throw around the songs between the CD and the vinyl?
You know, we kind of looked at it and we all agreed on why should me do a similar running-order on the vinyl, we did it in blood red colour, let’s just mix it up and it wasn’t really that easy. I think it’s 8 or 9 songs on the vinyl so we had to pick the ones we thought would be a strong LP, kind of going back to the LED ZEPPELIN-thing and the best 8 songs they could put on a vinyl. It’s the same songs as on the CD but you know, it’s just a matter of giving it a different running-order and make it special for the fans and a marketing thing basically.

Yeah, that’s a cool way of looking at it! You sang on the “Eat The Heat” album with ACCEPT, how do people receive you today. Are you the “Eat the Heat”-guy or are people referring to you as much else from the BANGALORE CHOIR, BONFIRE and SAINTED SINNERS or just David Reece nowadays?
I’m ok with it because of the manager of Graham Bonnet, he always told me you have to go out and tour “Eat The Heat” you never gave it the justified due it deserved. So I decided to book some shows and once I did that, Barcelona picked up a gig and the next night I had another gig in Spain and then it kind of spiralled from there. So I did a tribute for “Eat The Heat”, a 30-year anniversary kind of thing. And I don’t know, it was amazing to see how many things... I did a lot of gigs with BONFIRE and other bands and every time I play someone brings that album out and says to me, you know I hated you when you replaced Udo in ACCEPT but I’ve really grown to love this album. And I didn’t want to do it, I thought it was a stupid idea but when I tried it I was absolutely proven wrong. People know the album, they know the songs, I’m lucky enough to be able to sing those songs like I did, vocally and you know, it’s a fucking great album and I enjoy doing it. You know, we’re actually going to do a show in Madrid on November 03rd where we exclusively play that set songs with THE POODELS, we’re going to open for them and three shows prior to that we’re going to play “Resilient Heart”. So it’s going to be a pretty good mash-up you know, the new album and “Eat The Heat”. So that’s why I did it and it kind of revived my career so to speak because the promoters were like, yeah, we’re going to book that. So it’s been very successful for me, it kind of lead this thing into an open door, the solo album. So it was a political move in some way you know.

I saw the show in Helsingborg at Charles Dickens...
Oh my god...

And that perhaps doesn’t go down to history as one of the greatest shows ever...
Which one did you see, the one with the PA collapsed and I had to grab the mic...

Oh my god... That was a nightmare. Were you there?

Yes, I was...
We pulled it off, huh?

Absolutely, and I was actually very impressed with the way you handled it.
Thank you very much. We had to find a way to do “Hellhammer” acoustic. It was one of the weirdest gigs I’ve ever done in my life but we pulled it off and we’re going to return there on the 10th of November. They promised me a real sound man and they’ve been so nice to me there you know so it felt so bad because it was train-wreck you know. But the people that were there seemed to really enjoy it, especially the guy vomiting on Martin’s equipment on stage (laughs). We had a guy vomiting on stage, it was amazing, everything you could imagine can go wrong went wrong that night. But you know, the show must go on and you just deal with it. You know, I just took the microphone out of the cable and I was singing into a cable and laughing at the audience. What could I do?

It actually sounded better that way than through the PA so I think that was a very good move.
(laughs) Thank you, that’s nice I’m glad to hear that.

We were talking about right there and then, what the hell is going to happen? It felt like a disaster but when you came out and just continued and saved the situation like you did. And especially, your voice, how that came through and how damn good you sound even under those conditions was really amazing. That was actually very impressive.
Aah, thank you. Thank you. I was so fucking angry, I thought my life is over, I’m really trying to get gigs and things like that happens and the stupid guy walking around with his iPad trying to tune the PA, I mean, he’d never mixed a live-band... I mean, I wanted to kill everyone who was involved and I just said, come on guys let’s just go out and have fun and I appreciate you saying that, thank you very much. I read an article from somebody saying the same thing.

I think it was mine...
Yeah, it was yours... They actually pulled through and it was amazing. Thank god somebody realize!

…and it’s always special to be at shows that doesn’t really turn out the way they’re supposed to so for that sake it was fun but I have to say I was surprised when I saw you would return to that place but if they’ve been treating you well I can understand also.
Thomas wrote me two days later and actually there, were some money missing, the guy running the club and everything he said I will pay you personally, it’s my fault, please forgive me, can I get you to come back so I booked November 10th and then, luckily a friend of ours threw in the Copenhagen date with ARTILLERY so it all just fell into place for the release day. So we’d been pretty lucky you know but we’re still fighting. I still may have some big news coming up in the next few weeks about an opening slot on a major tour but we’re still in negotiations so I’m doing everything I can. You know what it’s like to get gigs, it’s a nightmare. I’m slowly building this thing up and I think we’re doing a pretty good job in the media with our videos, and explanation of each song before it comes out so the media has a grasp of what we’re trying to do and, I don’t know... I can just tell you it’s the thing we do, we just got to go on.

Definitely and I guess hard work is the only thing and consistency is the only thing that works today because big promotion campaigns will only live for a few hours anyway.

It’s more than just media, isn’t it. You got to get up on the stage and deliver too, right?

Yes, indeed. So we’ve been talking about the album, single and video and also the shows and touring. Do you have anything more to add?
Well, I love Sweden, I mean, Sweden always rocks, I’ve been treated like a king there, I’ve been really lucky to have fans in that part of the world and Scandinavia, all I can say is thank you and get to the shows, I hope you enjoy the album and we’re actually plotting around right now writing new songs for the next album, we kind of got some down time so ideas have been floating around and we got a big slot again in Italy next summer. We were supposed to open for THE DEAD DAISIES but they cancelled so they offered me the headline slot which is amazing so. I’ve had some good breaks and some bad breaks but hopefully the better ones keep coming.

Yeah, if you keep sounding as good as you did even with the broken PA and also considering how good the album sounds I think you’re on track.
Thanks hon, I appreciate it.

I will definitely see the High Voltage show and hopefully also the one in Helsingborg and I hope I don’t have to write that you saved the day again, but that it could be a really good ones, from all perspectives.
Yeah, please come and say hello to me, if you come to both gigs, come and talk to me

Definitely! Alright, have a nice weekend and say hi to Martin.
He’s right here.

[Martin]: Hi Erika.

[David]: He’s sitting right here at the table he’s about to get on the metro and go to the city square and he’s going to play with BLINDSTONE and I’m going to jump on stage and do a couple of songs with them and destroy his night... (laughs). And have a little fun, my assistant Toni Sambora is here, he’s always here in the times of crisis and make sure I don’t lose my mind so it should go smooth.

Good luck with tonight and have fun and a nice weekend, and a good trip back home. I understand you’re going home tomorrow.
Yes, I’m going home tomorrow. I’m getting on a plane in the morning and I’m going home. Thank you, Erika.

Thank you very much.
Love you, thanks for your support and thanks for mentioning Helsingborg, that was really nice.