Okilly Dokilly - Head Ned

Okilly Dokilly - Head Ned

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Who said Metal and humor don't mix nicely together? METAL KAOZ got in touch with Phoenix, AZ's OKILLY DOKILLY in order to find out more about this heavy-brutalino new band - which is about to finish their 'Death To False Nedal' US tour - so, check out what we discussed with the OKILLY DOKILLY frontman, Head Ned.

Okilly Dokilly - Head Ned

Hello, Head Ned and welcome to METAL KAOZ! First of all, how the idea for the creation of OKILLY DOKILLY started? Is there any meaning behind the band’s name?
The idea for the band started with the name. Our drummer, Bled Ned and I were joking around, imagining the goofiest name for the heaviest band we could think of. OKILLY DOKILLY came up, and from there, we imagined the lead singer dressed as Ned Flanders, then the whole band as Ned Flanders.

Many describe OKILLY DOKILLY as a Ned Flanders-themed Metalcore band (referring to The Simpsons TV series); so, how did this TV series character inspire you to put together this band and use his way of dressing and looking?
We found a lot of humor in the idea of Ned Flanders fronting a Metal band. He’s the exact opposite of so many Metal musician characteristics, so to make a Metal band completely based on Flanders was really entertaining for us, like mixing an acid and a base and watching the reaction.

Did you all have moustaches before joining in the band or was it a prerequisite to get in OKILLY DOKILLY? Does this apply to wearing glasses too?
I went from a beard to a mustache when we started the band. Most of the other members cultivated a mustache for tours and things. Only one member has his actual prescription in his glasses. The rest are just uncorrected frames.

Ok, I have to know; do Head, Red, Stead, Thread and Bled have any connection with Ned’s personality?
Myself and Red Ned are both left-handed. I also have no tattoos, and work as an accountant outside of the band, so in the same way people don’t expect that Ned Flanders could be the frontman of a Metal band, most people don’t assume I am either.

Do you think that Ned Flanders would be an OKILLY DOKILLY fan?
I can’t imagine he would. Though, I think anyone would be a little reluctant to embrace a band based entirely off their own style, quotes and personality. If anything, I think he’d at least be okilly dokilly with it.

Your debut album “Howdilly Doodilly” was released in November 2016, so are you satisfied of how it was perceived by the fans and the media?
Yeah, absolutely. The response was amazing. We’ve gotten so many compliments from fans on it. It even landed at #4 on the Billboard Comedy charts, which was a total surprise and super cool.

For someone who hasn’t listened to a note from OKILLY DOKILLY, how you’d describe your sound? What is the first thing someone will notice in your music? And what are you doing differently comparing to all those Metalcore bands that flood the market nowadays?
We’re reluctant to describe it with any term other than Nedal. I think a lot of people notice that the synth adds a unique element to the music itself. The lyrics are mostly direct Ned quotes as well.

Your video for the track “White Wine Spritzer” has over 2 million views on YouTube; has this fact taken you by surprise? What is the main reason for that gaining of attention, from your point of view?
Yeah, we were so focused on making it happen, we didn’t really consider the number of views it would get, or how far it would reach. I think the small details really helped make it enjoyable. We spent about a month sourcing all of the props and painting and setting up things. It was really great to put so much time into it and get such a great response.

You’re about to finish your US tour in a couple of days, so are you satisfied with the attendance? Do you feel that the crowds attending the OKILLY DOKILLY shows are getting bigger and bigger?
Yeah, it’s been really great. We’ve definitely seen our audience growing; we’re doing our best to prove ourselves through our live show.

During the last couple of years, there is a tendency from many bands to turn to the ‘80s / early ‘90s to draw inspiration from, and in a way this has affected you too; could you point out a reason for this, or do you think it’s just random incidents?
Most of the quotes we source are from early '90s Simpsons episodes, so in a way, we’re already on the bandwagon. I think it was a golden period for music and TV, and a lot of people who were kids during the time, we’re heavily influenced by music of that era, and now they’re adults, making music of their own.

Are there any plans for your next discographic step, or is it too soon to speak about that?
We’re just finishing up a few months of touring and have a few new songs in the works. We’ll be working on developing some new material for the rest of the year, but don’t have any concrete info.

What’s next in your calendar? Any thoughts to visit Europe for touring?
We plan to get a little bit of rest from touring, but we’ve definitely been looking at Europe for future touring. Nothing solid in the works yet though.

Head Ned, please add anything else you’d like to close this interview. Thank you for your time!
I’d just like to add a huge ‘thank you’ to all the fans and neighborinos who came out to support us on tour. One of the best parts about being in OKILLY DOKILLY is to see and meet some of the most wonderful Simpsons fans across North America.