Vamps - Hyde, K.A.Z

Vamps - Hyde, K.A.Z

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VAMPS was an unknown band for us and, we are sure, for the majority of the metalheads who came to ‘Blackest Of The Black’ festival, for the Memorial Day weekend. But this has nothing to do with this band’s success in their homeland, Japan, where VAMPS are doing sold-out shows and, as the band’s manager told us, it is impossible of them to walk in the streets without getting swarmed by fans. In the context of their attempt to build a solid US fanbase, METAL KAOZ got the chance to chat for a bit with singer / rhythm guitarist Hyde and lead guitarist K.A.Z via a translator, something that was a new experience for us. Please note that these guys seem to have both feet on the ground and, contrary to the superstar looks onstage, they are absolutely cool to talk with.

Vamps - Hyde, K.A.Z

Hello guys and welcome to METAL KAOZ! First of all, how was the US tour?
Hyde: While we’re touring together, we felt that the band members got a bit closer to each other and so the band became more unified, so we feel it was a very good tour.

Do you see the US audiences getting bigger? I mean, all the work that you put so far, does it give you the feedback that you’re getting more popular here?
Hyde: We feel that our music is going deeper and getting a bigger audience. We did a lot of songs for the first time during the US tour, because we played songs from our new album, “Underworld”, so we feel that those went very well as well.

Speaking of the new album, did you try to change something in your sound to make it more appealing for the US market?
K.A.Z: We definitely did keep the international market in mind while writing – not just the US but the whole world – and that’s why we brought in a producer for the creation of “Underworld”. We were also focused on being able to enter that market more so than before.

From your experience, what’s the major difference between the Japanese and the US market? Because you guys are huge in Japan.
Hyde: We obviously are doing very well in Japan but the US Rock scene has a bigger capacity, so our main goal is to make it big here and be able to consider ourselves being successful here in the States.

Sure. So, after these live dates, you’ll go back to Japan and have another month of live dates? What’s next in your calendar and when do you see yourselves coming back to the US?
Hyde: Today is the last date of the US tour, so we are done for this tour and we’ll be back here in the States in September.

You mean as headliners or as part of a package?
K.A.Z: There are no dates yet, but we’d like – we haven’t decided yet – to do more a support act because we feel like we can expand our audience base here that way, and have more new people hear our music.

Well, APOCALYPTICA are gonna tour the States in September, so that would be nice, if you know what I mean! Speaking about APOCALYPTICA, how did this collaboration come up?
Hyde: We performed together when we toured alongside with SIXX: A.M. and during that tour we bonded really well, so we were talking about, you know, “let’s do something together”. So, K.A.Z made a song and the APOCALYPTICA guys arranged the cello parts and whatnot, and it worked out really well. So, collaborating with them just came naturally to us.

Awesome! One last question, guys, and we’ll leave you get ready for your show; in 2015, you had your own festival, the ‘VampPark’ Fest, so are in your plans to do another one anytime soon in Japan?
Hyde: We’d like to do something; it’s all about timing and whatnot, but it’s definitely in our mind to do something like that again.

Thank you so much for your time, guys! We’ll see you on the ‘Blackest’ stage in a couple of hours!
Both: Thank you!