ReVamp - Floor Jansen

ReVamp - Floor Jansen

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If you like female fronted bands and you’re doing your homework in a regular basis, then you should know the Floor Jansen-fronted REVAMP from The Netherlands. So, a couple of hours before the band’s debut live performance in Chicago, METAL KAOZ had the chance to chat with the gifted singer somewhere backstage at House Of Blues. Check below what Floor told us about REVAMP and NIGHTWISH.

How is the first time going for REVAMP in the US?
Well, we’ve had two shows now and it’s been really, really nice so far. Of course, there is not much I can tell you because today is just the third day of the tour (laughs)... but the first two nights were really good; we sold out the merch items already and got some many good reactions, so that is a clear sign that things are runnning ok.

Do you think that your time (although it’s not very long) with NIGHTWISH help the band at all?
I think so, sure, yes. This is the best band in this genre so that has to do something (laughs).

“Wild Card” was released in August, so do you think it’s early to talk about the next REVAMP album?

(interrupting) you sound very confident.
I mean, yeah; I’m gonna go in the studio with NIGHTWISH in a few months, so those things will happen first and I can’t really say much about what will happen after that. There are already a couple of years fully planned and that’s enough.

I can only imagine… So, will you contribute to the writing of the new NIGHTWISH album?

You don’t want to, or you think it’s not the right time for you to do so?
It’s always been Tuomas’ work, so I don’t feel I’m in the position to do that. Of course, I don’t think it’s necessary, he writes the most amazing songs. I don’t feel it’s really necessary. When we’ll start working together, there will always be creative input from my side. Stuff that I can always do that.

Of course. So how will you prioritize the bands with NIGHTWISH on one hand and REVAMP on the other?
NIGHTWISH is ten thousand times bigger than REVAMP, so career-wise it would be smart to prioritize based on that (laughs).

Yup, I see what you’re saying. This tour ends on May 16th, then you have a couple of festival appearances with REVAMP, so what is in your schedule; to enter the studio and write the new album with NIGHTWISH or something else?
We have six weeks with this [US tour] and then we’ll go for three weeks to Latin America with REVAMP, so maybe till June, and then go to Finland for the recordings, I believe this will happen in July.

And how are your Finnish going?
(laughs) It’s an extremely difficult language; that’s the main reason for me to move to Finland because I will never learn it if I’m not there.

But you are making progress, right?
Yeah, bit by bit but I am kind of a busy lady so on a regular day I just don’t have the time that it really needs to do it. The basics are pretty much there now but in a couple of months when I’ll move up there things will become a little better.

And you shared the stage with Tarja, right, in Belgium’s ‘Metal Female Voices’ fest? So how did you feel sharing the stage with the past of NIGHTWISH?
I wasn’t onstage thinking like that; I mean, she is a fellow singer and there are not so many of us so it’s nice to share experiences  and sing with her onstage – yes, that was really nice. And it was a really nice gesture and you know, this is music; that’s where it it starts and as far as we are concerned that were it ends. And that is what we showed that time.

Also you did some work with Timo Tolkki for his next AVALON album, so how was this experience like?
It was actually great fun. He is a very nice guy and very particular and so am I so we had a very good connection and I liked the stuff that I sang. We also did a video actually for a song but I don’t know if I can reveal the title because it has hasn’t been yet released [note: the video for “Design The Century” was released the next day].

Ok, we understand. Timo described you as one of the best vocalist he has ever worked with, so how are you feeling about this?
Yes, he was very generous with his compliments (laughs). That was very nice!

We have a couple more questions and we’ll set you free; you did some masterclasses in March for beginning and experienced singers, so do you think this is something that will be added in your want-to-do list?
I’ve been a teacher for eleven years but I don’t have the time anymore to do it since NIGHTWISH; but a lot people know that I’ve been teaching and in fact I have been doing this online for a while; but I have no time to do it even though the requests kept coming in. So I thought maybe, you know, have one day for a masterclass in The Netherlands and it got sold out within a day, so let’s do another one maybe in Finland since I was going to go there anyway. I’m actually trying to do some here in the States as well but you need the right facility and that’s kinda hard but if I could do it again, it would be very nice because it was a wonderful experience.

Speaking about teaching; what is the most valuable advice as a singer that you still follow to this day?
Hmm, I guess that you need to get to know your voice and follow its leads. So if you wanna be a soprano but you are not, you will never become one, so be happy with what you can do. It’s like me trying to do gymnastics; I’m not a gymnastic person, I don’t have the body for it, but if I train, I can maybe a little bit good at it and the voice is like that too. Some people have too much expectations of what they can do. Some come and ask me “I want to sing like you” and I’m like “I’m sorry but you can’t because you have a different body”. It doesn’t mean you’re bad or anything. Learn to learn and get to know your own sound and follow what you can do and of course if you get the right techniques you can always improve. Learn to sound like yourself and not try to sound like some other people.

That’s great, Floor! Thank you so much for your time and we hope to see you soon with NIGHTWISH here in the States.
Thank you guys, it was a pleasure!