Soulhealer - Chasing The Dream

Soulhealer - Chasing The Dream

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(CD, Pure Legend Records, 2013)

This quintet comes from Finland and has released an EP and a full length CD at the very beginning of career. Now SOULHEALER enrich their portfolio with the release of a brand new LP aptly called “Chasing The Dream”. Looking at the cover artwork – nice, indeed – and the song titles, you can possibly assume what the band serves, but let’s do a more proper presentation.

With a STRATOVARIUS-meets-MAIDEN-meets-SCORPIONS/ACCEPT basic layer, the band unveils its plans in an equal mix of catchy melodies and Scandinavian heaviness. “Chasing The Dream” thankfully is not cheesy at all, and credit goes to both the vocalist (and the rest of the musicians) and the production team. Jori Kärki has a distinctive voice that separates him from the pile of Euro Power Metal addicts. He sings melodically but he also preserves a harsh and heavy timbre in his vocal work resulting in a frontman that knows how to treat his music. The rest of the band stands on the same level, with the guitars offer melodic Power Metal with no ‘candy’ moments, while the rhythm sections plays ‘teytonic’-ally well and reminds of the 80s pounding style.

The production highlights the effort of the band by giving space to the sweet harmonies and to the heavy-hittin’ coating branding this band as Metal. The sound can be described as an equal mix of the 80s standards and today’s demanding sonic beats but does not fail to offer an unbalanced product. On the contrary, “Chasing The Dream” stands as a sole effort of neat will by SOULHEALER and I’m pretty sure that fans of European Power Metal with balls shall have a nice time with this disc.





01. Wicked Moon
02. Don’t Look Back
03. The Deception
04. Chasing A Dream
05. Done For Good
06. Ties Of Time
07. Never Turn My Back On You
08. Finally Free
09. Into The Fire
10. Smoke & Mirrors


Jori Kärki - Lead Vocals
Teemu Kuosmanen - Guitars, Backing Vocals
Sami Mikkonen - Guitars
Pasi Laakkonen - Bass
Jani Nyman - Drums