Jungle Rot - Terror Regime

Jungle Rot - Terror Regime

(CD, Victory Records, 2013)

If you have Death Metal on the top positions of your music consuming chain and you haven’t heard of JUNGLE ROT then you most probably are listening to a different genre. Really, this band has been around since the mid-90s and has a constant presence in the discography with albums like “Dead And Buried” or “War Zone” for example and I think there are many die-hard fans who use characterizations like legends or veterans when talking about Wisconsin’s very own JUNGLE ROT.

But no matter your Metal affiliation, you should always be open to acknowledge hard working bands like JUNGLE ROT that, allow me to add, sound better when onstage. Anyway, “Terror Regime” is the band’s seventh full length offering and the third one via Victory Records that comes with a killer artwork and a fitting title (yeah, feel the brutality before even playing the disc). So, “Voice Your Disgust” opens the album with a solid guitar groove and full of aggression vocals. The Punk-influenced (or Hardcore if you prefer) chord progressions is what makes me like JUNGLE ROT since they add a different flavor in the nowadays cookie-cutter Death Metal. Of course, the band is loyal to its roots so expect the characteristic snare drum action (I remember calling this monotonous or boring during my youth) standing on the side of the lead guitars in the faster and self-titled track that also features a – what I like to call – an old-school SLAYER solo (a lot of tremolo action). The rhythm guitars build a sound barrier in “I Am Hatred” during which headbanging is the only solution to channel all this energy coming from your speakers and please be aware to wear your war /mosh-pit gear since “Scorn” sounds like the perfect soundtrack for a wall of death. My album's favorite is the energy surge entitled “Ruthless Omnipotence” where the aforementioned Hardcore elements rule the rhythm guitars and in a twisted way fitting perfectly to the Death Metal growling by Dave Matrise. On the same wavelength comes “I Don't Need Society” because it originally belongs to D.R.I. but I have to confess I missed the sing-along part where it has mosh written all over it.

Yeah, this is a solid Death Metal album and I would rate it higher if the sound production wasn’t out of the box. Meaning that everything is perfect and in-place and in particular the double bass drum sounds like the product of all those famous studios that run their business like a fast working Xerox machine. Good thing is that I have watched JUNGLE ROT onstage so I am already aware of the brutal truth. Still, this is an album that can get into the mosh-pit and let you bleed out of delight!





01. Voice Your Disgust
02. Terror Regime
03. Utter Chaos
04. I Am Hatred
05. Blind Devotion
06. Scorn
07. Rage Through The Wasteland
08. Ruthless Omnipotence
09. I Don't Need Society
10. Carpet Bombing
11. Pronounced Dead


Dave Matrise - Vocals, Guitar
James Genenz - Bass
Geoff Bub - Guitar
Jesse Beahler - Drums