Uriah Heep - Into The Wild

Uriah Heep - Into The Wild

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(CD, Frontiers Records, 2011)

URIAH HEEP’s magic carries on, no questions asked. You do not expect, by any means, listening to new songs carrying the majestic vibe of the British (Hard) Rock band’s monumental 70s past right? Hence, it’s more than good news seeing a quintet still delivering the goods after more than 40 years, both in the studio and onstage. Their last appearance on Greek ground was welcomed with enthusiasm once again - even if in my humble opinion this particular band should be still selling out arenas, but that’s another story - and it’s more than a pleasure to witness URIAH HEEP can non-stop write good songs preserving their iconic status plus creating first-rate music to spend some good time with. And this is the legendary outfit’s new album “Into The Wild” steps in.

New blood serves as a dynamic equivalent of raw fresh energy and in this new CD we can see drummer Russell Gilbrook (firstly appeared in the 2008 “Wake The Sleeper” studio release) pounding hard guiding the whole band in a respectful state of energetic performance; you cannot miss this spot even by the first spin. It’s at times hard to even imagine this is a bunch of musicians in their (average) mid-50s demonstrating such an endless portion of vigor and sparkle. But it’s the songs’ flawless nature and vintage production that reveal the relevance of URIAH HEEP with the most precious part of Rock history in Great Britain. Following the steps of the 2008’s predecessor, “Into The Wild” serves as a suitable coalescence of maturity, sovereign pompness, in-your-face spite and travelling lull.

Without the trademark keyboard sound enough of the band enough songs would not sound the same, let’s admit. Still, the songwriting skills of evergreen guitarist Mick Box and Co. pave the way for what we years not refer to as Heep music’. If you find yourself picturing a lunatic wizard listening to the band’s discography you would not be far away from the sole UH truth. And this is where “Into The Wild” wins the bet; it smells URIAH HEEP all the way, with it’s hard rockin’ base flowered with eerie melodies and harmonies not of course forgetting to mention the outstanding multi-vocal layers that act as a separate precious instrument in this perpetual British clan. OK, this is obvious but so it shall be written: singer Bernie Shaw - who has now been with the band for 23(!) years in a row - shines for one more time and you should not doubt at all if he has missed the crystal timbre in his singing… because he has not!

“Into The Wild” is an album you can travel with… or through. If you’re into classic Rock you should not missed it, no way. Not because it is a perfect sample of art but mainly due to its neat unspoilt quality. Now listening to “Trail Of Diamonds”, I just wonder how many changes are a newcomer Rock teenager can/could cut his teeth with such a notable 2011 release. Let’s wish there are enough doing it at this present time. And - OK - if you’re a loyal Heep-ster it’s needless to say you should grab the new album of probably the best ‘70s Rock’ British band around these days after a demonic total of 22 studio albums. Or just listen to the supreme melodies in e.g. “Believe” and believe!





01. Nail on the Head
02. I Can See You
03. Into The Wild
04. Money Talk
05. Trail Of Diamomds
06. Lost
07. Believe
08. Southern Star
09. I’m Ready
10. T-bird Angel
11. Kiss Of Freedom


Mick Box - Guitar, Vocals
Trevor Bolder - Bass, Vocals
Bernie Shaw - Lead Vocals
Phil Lanzon - Keyboards, Vocals
Russell Gilbrook - Drums, Vocals