Syron Vanes - Evil Redux

Syron Vanes - Evil Redux

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(CD, Denomination Records, 2013)

To begin with, SYRON VANES was never a British band. They just released their first couple of albums – back in the 80s – via the NWOBHM related Ebony Records, hence the misunderstanding. The Swedish group assembled by guitarist Anders Hahne back in 1980 released two more CDs in the 00s so they herein reviewed disc proudly is their fifth effort overall. And the question is what shall we expect from such an old band now, some 25-30 years later after their classic heyday?

The band delivers classic Metal with a modern touch. The guitars are blazing, the solos are sharp and the rhythm section is pounding, to say the least. The vocals are screaming here and manifest-ative there with a clear approach to sound fresh and enticing. In other words, think of the works of JUDAS PRIEST in their post-“Painkiller” era, the solo efforts of Bruce Dickinson as soon as he terminated the “Skunworks” experiments, something a little bit lighter than Rob Halford’s solo works or the Wylde-sque career of Ozzy Osbourne. Add the British flavor of traditional Metal (SAXON, reunited TANK) and if you also remember the non-that-melodic side of 220 VOLT you get the wide picture of what “Evil Redux” is all about.

I do not know if classic metalheads will adore SYRON VANES as they perform in their newer carnation, since there’s nothing like a retro mania here in order for the band to sound like in their first two albums (1984’s “Bringer Of Evil” and 1986’s “Revenge” respectively). Sadly, I have not heard the Swedish quartet’s 00s discography – I’ll make it up to them asap – but I think SYRON VANES does want to be a part of today’s scene without tending to sound like Nu or ‘modern’ Metal at all. And that’s good news for all us the traditional Metal enthusiasts.





01. Overture
02. Sacrifice
03. Only Hell Remains
04. End Of The World
05. Devil’s Dancing
06. Hellion Child
07. Heaven And Back
08. King Of It All
09. Bringer Of Evil
10. Flyblown World
11. God’s Gift
12. Shadows Of A Broken Dream
13. Race Me To Hell
14. Tyrant Angel


Rimbert Vahlstroem - Lead Vocals, Guitar
Anders Hahne - Guitar
Mats Bergentz - Drums
Jakob Lagergren - Bass