Primitive Man - Scorn

Primitive Man - Scorn

(CD, Private, 2013)

On August 2011 I had the chance to review “Visceral” (read it HERE) that I consider as a great EP, released by the Denver-based Death Metal/Grindcore band CLINGING TO THE TREES OF A FOREST FIRE. Now, the aforementioned band’s members took a break and put together PRIMITIVE MAN choosing to walk on Sludge/ Doom paths. Even if the band is without a record company, they self-released the debut using a fitting and pessimistic title, “Scorn”. You have to be careful here, because if you are in a good mood and you feel like putting a CD to your stereo to relax or have a good time, then “Scorn” should definitely not be your choice.

PRIMITIVE MAN is described as a Sludge/Doom Metal band, but this is a vague description. The music in this album can be tagged as Funeral Doom Metal or even Drone. One thing is certain though; the album is covered by an obscure, depressive, anguished, heavy as hell atmosphere with the sole purpose to torment the listener and this is something guaranteed. The it-cannot-be-more-down-tuned guitars, the killer bass scraping your brain, the sustained chords feeling like a bomb that has just exploded and the deep brutal screams will haunt you and consequently will torment you. There are also moments, like in “I Can’t Forget”, or parts of the something less than 12-minute self-titled dark marathon, where the music enters Noise/Drone territories although the term music is more like an euphemism. Throughout the album there are some up-tempo moments or even fast outbursts that really feel like an oasis on a hostile desert. “Stretched Thin”, with the shortest time duration, is the most intense song of the album with fast drumming, killer bass lines, fast and breakdown riffs.

“Scorn” is a great example of how a slow, haunting, depressive and obscure album sounds like and you should take that into consideration before checking it out. PRIMITIVE MAN did an excellent job wrapped in a solid and raw production that really enhances the final outcome. This is recommended to all the fans of the already mentioned music genres, who like their music served with dark and tormenting tunes.





01. Scorn
02. Rags
03. I Can't Forget
04. Antietam
05. Black Smoke
06. Stretched Thin
07. Astral Sleep