Centurian - Contra Rationem

Centurian - Contra Rationem

(CD, Listenable Records, 2013)

Even though CENTURIAN is still a member of the underground scene, this Death Metal chariot has been active for more than two decades now, firstly under the name INQUISITOR and then as CENTURIAN. Twelve whole years after their previous full-length work “Liber Zar Zax” comes – at last – the brand new album entitled “Contra Rationem”, which sees some changes in the CENTURIAN camp. SEVERE TORTURE’s Seth is now behind the drum kit being limited to backing vocals, with PROSTITUTE DISFIGUREMENT’s Niels Adams taking the place behind the microphone. This album also marks the return of bassist Patrick Boleij (SEVERE TORTURE, NOX, PYAEMIA).

The Dutch butchers are one of the love or hate bands, mostly due to their devotion to the classic US Death Metal sound that balances somewhere between MORBID ANGEL and DEICIDE. If you consider the glass to be half empty then there’s no reason to proceed reading the rest of this review. If you are a fan of the traditional Death Metal sound consider this album a nice addition to your collection. “Contra Rationem” has nothing new to offer, nothing unique that will make these guys differ from the numerous DM bands out there. What makes this album differ is the attitude it carries and dare I say it sound like a fucking bulldozer. Seth’s drumming is sensational adding the necessary energy to the overall result, with Oorthuis shredding his ass off and Niels being the beast we know and love from PROSTITUTE DISFIGUREMENT. Schizophrenic solos, Azagoth-esque riffs and vocals from the depths of hell are no more than this album needs to pin your back against the wall.

To cut a long story short, this is a more than honest Death Metal release that will rightfully earn its place in your CD player. Last but not least, I don’t know why but “Contra Rationem” sounds like it’s producing a totally apocalyptic feeling, so beware of any insects boys & ghouls.





01. Thou Shalt Bleed For The Lord Thy God
02. Crown Of Bones
03. Feast Of The Cross
04. Judas Among Twelve
05. Antinomium
06. The Will Of The Torch
07. Sin Upon Man
08. Damnatio Memoriae
09. Adversus


Niels Adams - Vocals
Rob Oorthuis - Guitar
Patrick Boleij - Bass
Seth Van De Loo - Drums, Backing Vocals