Wild Rose - Dangerous

Wild Rose - Dangerous

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(CD, AOR Heaven, 2013)

WILD ROSE maybe is the best kept secret in Greece’s poor melodic Rock/AOR scene. They’ve been around for something less than a decade and have flawlessly worked to have their name at first circulating in the underground circles with a 2010 demo CD and their 2011 “Half Past Midnight” debut disc while now their participation at AOR Heaven’s roster with a brand new album aims at a bigger audience and better reception. And with an album like this they fully deserve it.

WILD ROSE’s debut album was nice in its songwriting and emotional expression but somehow lacked credit in recording experience and overall production/sound duties. This is no note in the band’s new agenda evermore, since “Dangerous” has the sound needed for an album of that genre, plus the band has pulled the trigger in making more fan friendly songs that have nothing to be afraid of in regards to other releases from ‘bigger’ countries and markets. Plus, the musicians behave more professionally now and you can certainly listen to this improvisation in the band’s 10-track CD (the most appropriate duration for an AOR album, if you ask me). The vocals from new singer David A. Saylor are warm and passionate, the guitars do their work in great mastery, the keyboards colour the songs in a meaningful way and the rhythm section does justice to the songs’ passion and ardour.

“Dangerous” is ideal for a night drive, watching the flames by the fireplace, having a glass of wine as your companion, gaze at the rain while thinking of past love(s) or any other lunar/melancholy action you can think of. WILD ROSE has released an excellent album overall and – to tell the truth – from “Alone” to “Not A Day Goes By” it was not something I could that highly expect. Grab it if you’re a fan of good melodic, feelings-friendly melodic Rock/AOR.





01. Alone
02. Hold On
03. I Can’t Stop Loving You
04. If You Still Love Me
05. Dream On
06. Awake
07. Tonight
08. I Won’t Forget You
09. Is This Love
10. Not A Day Goes By


David A. Saylor - Lead Vocals
Dirty Haris - Keyboards, Back Vocals
Andy Rock - Guitars, Keyboards, Back Vocals
Phil Gun - Bass
Tiny Karpo - Guitars
Junior - Drums