Totengeflüster - Vom Seelensterben

Totengeflüster - Vom Seelensterben

(CD, Eigenproduktion, 2013)

Symphonic Black Metal is one of the most significant sub-genres of the extreme Metal scene with many important bands like DIMMU BORGIR, CRADLE OF FILTH, BAL SAGOTH, EMPEROR, GRAVEWORM and many more. The list of Symphonic Black Metal bands keeps growing (a thing that makes me happy, since I’m a huge fan of this genre), and amongst the latest additions is TOTENGEFLÜSTER (the name translates into whispers of the dead), a German band, formed in 2007 and “Vom Seelensterben” is its debut album.

I don’t know if releasing a very good debut album works in a positive way for a young band, since it sets the bar too high from the very beginning and this is not something easy to match. And this seems to be the case for “Vom Seelensterben” that even if it's not groundbreaking, continues to walk proudly the path carved by DIMMU BORGIR and CRADLE OF FILTH (both bands will come to your mind while listening to this album). The difference is that TOTENGEFLÜSTER have a more aggressive and darker approach that deriving from the cold melodies, the fast riffs, the blast beats, the shrieking venomous vocals and the raw production. Despite the aggressiveness, the songs feature many catchy and melodic breaks (especially during the Symphonic parts), while the heavy riffs and the double drum kicks along with the orchestration create an intense almost majestic music. The symphonic orchestrations are awesome and I really like the role of the keyboards that sometimes assume the leading role and other work in support of the overall ambience. “Vom Seelensterben” contains many melodic and atmospheric instrumental tracks that counterbalance the aggression taking the listener in a colorful and epic journey.

All in all, “Vom Seelensterben” is an album that every Symphonic Black Metal fan should think of getting. The raw, and sometimes, muddy production may annoy some but still is not enough to affect the final result even in the slightest, since TOTENGEFLÜSTER have greatly blended darkness, rawness and aggressiveness with melody and beautiful imposing orchestrations. Let’s see now what TOTENGEFLÜSTER have to offer us in the future.





01. Die Prophezeiung
02. Ein Traumgespinst
03. Ein Monolog Im Mondschein
04. Gefrorene Tränen
05. Vom Seelensterben
06. Der Pakt
07. Blutsegen - Die Strömende Erkenntnis
08. Ein Neuer Pfad
09. Im Tau Der Toten Morgensonne
10. Ein Monolog Im Mondschein (orchestral version bonus)


Totleben - Composition, All Instruments, Artwork
Narbengrund - Vocals & Lyrics, Concept
Schattendorn - Drums