Newsted - Metal

Newsted - Metal

(Digi, Chophouse Records, 2013)

Jason Newsted after his METALLICA years had been active in the Metal scene but nowhere for too long as if he couldn’t put 100% of his heart on to it. But this seems to be happening with NEWSTED who have already released the EP “Metal” that has quire an impact in the music market, especially in the US. It feels good seeing that metalheads do remember names and are always willing to give someone a second and even a third chance.

Before reading the details about this one, you should clear your head and reset your expectations since “Metal” is not a METALLICA nor a VOIVOD album and honestly I feel good about this. And I am saying this, because there are too many single-minded metalheads who like to claim that METALLICA would be a different band if Jason had remained in the lineup. I am sorry but this is BS since there is no way for any of us to know what happens behind the stage when all the glamour is gone. After all we – the fans that is – know the band and the musicians only via their music and that’s all. So, leaving aside the crystal ball and the tarot cards, one can enjoy what is happening in “Metal”. The sound is groovy and modern and I think it carries an almost South US breeze and you can think of PANTERA or even HELLYEAH while headbanging during “Skyscraper”. I really like Jason’s vocals (did I spot some Hetfield influences here?) in this one since his singing has character fitting like a glove to the very good guitar leads and fills (love the main riff here). During the slow part of this song, the bass lines become really interesting and I’d love to hear more from where those came since (and excuse my METALLICA reference) the intro of “My Friend Of Misery” is still mind-blowing and a perfect example of Jason’s composing potential. In the same PANTERA wavelength is “Godsnake” with the smooth mid-tempo groove and to my surprise the Anselmo-influenced singing while some kudos go to Jessie Farnsworth for his solo and double riff work.

I think NEWSTED have passed the Metal quality control with flying colors and it seems that the three Js (Jason, Jesus and Jessie) have something good brewing, so I hope there are more songs in the vein of “King Of The Underdogs” that, by the way, is tagged as the best track of the four. I don’t know if NEWSTED will become a larger than life band (I doubt it during especially these hectic days) but at least it can be a vehicle for Jason to settle down and create some good music. But time will tell...

“...underdogs rise from the flames...”





01. Soldierhead
02. Godsnake
03. King Of The Underdogs
04. Skyscraper


Jason Newsted - Vocals, Bass
Jesus Mendez Jr. - Drums
Jessie Farnsworth - Guitar