Alpha Tiger - Beneath The Surface

Alpha Tiger - Beneath The Surface

(CD/LP, Century Media, 2013)

Century Media has its own small roster of young bands that perform classic Metal; you know, this movement or fashion or whatever you wanna call it. ALPHA TIGER released its first album in 2011 called “Man Or Machine” and received good reviews from the underground ‘traditional Metal revival’ circuit. CM grabbed them and now the “Beneath The Surface” follow-up is a reality.

Well, ALPHA TIGER are quite melodic in the old-school Metal they are performing. They are fast, they are taking no prisoners in the riffing and the vocals are too sweet (am I the only one bringing to mind Sebastian Bach’s or Ray Alder’s throat here?) but die well with the rapid music. The band reminds me a mix of ENFORCER and WHITE WIZZARD, if you ask. Hmmm... is it good to recall resemblance with contemporary bands, really? Anyway, they do what they do really well and the IRON MAIDEN/JUDAS PRIEST/HELLOWEEN/FATES WARNING tradition is here and there and everywhere in the quintet’s music. I’d like to have a brief on the lyrics too but I’ll have to wait for the vinyl edition I guess...

The guitars are probably the ace in this album. Nice riffs, strict performance, fitting leads and a total playing that stands out from the rest of the instrumentation. The rest of the players do their best and the overall playing is professional, I must admit. Still, there’s something in the music itself that cannot make me be a defender of their testimony; maybe it’s too ‘sweet’. Not that there’s something wrong but... but... but... Still, if you want to have everything from the so called New Wave Of Traditional Heavy Metal, I guess “Beneath The Surface” is not a bad idea. Try some other bands first though, I’d recommend.





01. Intro
02. The Alliance
03. From Outer Space
04. Waiting For A Sign
05. Beneath The Surface
06. Along The Rising Sun
07. Eden Lies in Ruins
08. Rain
09. Crescent Moon
10. We Came From The Gutter


Stephan Dietrich - Vocals, Piano
Peter Langforth - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Alexander Backasch - Guitar
Dirk Frei - Bass
David Schleif - Drums