Space Vacation - Heart Attack

Space Vacation - Heart Attack

(CD, Pure Steel Records, 2013)

San Francisco and Heavy Metal: a beloved full of emotions story. SPACE VACATION is a trio originating from the city of trams and hills and everything big and surreal for a tiny European metalhead like me. Some of the most legendary – and controversial – musical stories have been written over there and this fresh – in a way – band wishes to share its stories with us. The outfit’s debut album was released some three years ago as a self-financed CD while they chose to fund that way their second CD here presented at first, but Germany’s Pure Steel Records discovered them and offered a worldwide deal. So, what’s up with these denim-clad metalunatics?

“Heart Attack” may fool you at first in a somehow neutral cover but if you let the disc spin, you’ll realize the journey in the mighty 80s has just begun. SPACE VACATION utilizes the American Power/Speed Metal platform of the mid-to-late 80s and mixes it with some NWOBHM patronizing in order to start something pounding and aggressive yet vintage and traditional too. Ex-VICIOUS RUMORS axeman Kiyoshi Morgan joined the band recently and his work seems quite organized and Metal to the bone if you ask me, both in the rhythm and lead parts. The drumming of Eli Lucas seems simplified but there’s some identity and orgy behind his pounding, while the bass lines of Scott Shapiro may send shivers down your spine if you’re a Geddy Lee or Steve Harris fanatic.

The production is classic here, a beautiful one for a vinyl version. The same goes for the vocals on this disc. They are clear and melodic, yet they bring forth this old vibe in the Great Britain scene some three decades ago – imagine Brian Ross or Kevin Heybourne, in other words. But... but... but... do not think that you just have to listen to the album for a couple of times and then it’s over. “Heart Attack” proudly has its tempo changes, refrain and couplé exchanges and an overall tendency for a work to be presented with full metallic mighty but also with musical and instrumentation seriousness that’s needed to have the fan feel a winner by purchasing the album. Ok, this band and album’s an eager winner for early 2013 so far. And it does not fit that much in the over-loaded New wave Of Traditional Heavy Metal; they’re as good as waking their own path of/for glory.





01. Heart Attack
02. End Of The Bender
03. Bro Hammer
04. Boston Massacre
05. Devil’s Own
06. Summer Knights
07. On The Road
08. Loaded Gun
09. Logan’s Run
10. Rocker


Scott Shapiro - Vocals, Bass
Kiyoshi Morgan - Guitars
Eli Lucas - Drums