Audrey Horne - Youngblood

Audrey Horne - Youngblood

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(CD/2LP, Napalm Records, 2013)

...and when you thought that you have listened everything from your favorite band, there it comes again and spreads chills down your spine with a totally different release outside of the ordinary. Yup, I’m talking about the Norwegian rockers AUDREY HORNE, featuring members of ENSLAVED, SAHG and DERIDE, and their fourth studio album, “Youngblood”, that contains exactly what the title so successfully describes: young blood!

And I am not talking about the band’s lineup that is the perfect fit like peanut butter and jelly; I’m talking about the high creativity and the huge musicianship of AUDREY HORNE that whatever touches turns into gold. Having removed the melancholic veil that covered the previous “Audrey Horne” album, the might Rock quintet is back in discography under a new record label, trying their skills in the modern Hard Rock genre. Yup, this is not a typo; we loved the debut’s simplicity, the Post/Grunge forms of “Le Fol” and the depressive self-titled album, but this time AUDREY HORNE decided to serve something outside of the box, being fresh and kind of old school at the same time. Are you excited? Well, you should be...

...since the opening “Redemption Blues” blows up in your face like a megaton bomb with that JUDAS PRIEST-like guitar intro. Toschie’s hypnotic vocals are top-notch as always, but the icing on top of the cake is the guitar-melodies. Ice and Thomas are doing a hell of a job delivering the exciting twin harmonies, the guitar outbursts and the beautifully solos which add the odd mix of fresh/old-school feeling, underlining AUDREY HORNE’s high quality. Of course, this is something already known (especially for the band’s fans), but the “Youngblood” album brings the accreditation. Carrying a MOTÖRHEAD vice that aren’t afraid to hide, some RAINBOW-esque layers and even the MAIDEN-driven reason of success, tracks like “Straight Into Your Grave”, “There Goes A Lady” and “This Ends Here” are the solid proof of my saying; while the genius “Pretty Little Sunshine” fights “The King Is Dead” for the best song of the album title – even if the latter one could be characterized as the new “Threshold” of 2013.

Even if this is your first contact with the magikal world of AUDREY HORNE, give “Youngblood” a try and you’ll be rewarded by the air-guitar playing and the fist-pumping that is going to follow – you have been warned. The rest of you, you already know the drill.

“...dancing on the edge of a knife...”





01. Redemption Blues
02. Straight Into Your Grave
03. Youngblood
04. There Goes A Lady
05. Show And Tell
06. Cards With The Devil
07. Pretty Little Sunshine
08. The Open Sea
09. This Ends Here
10. The King Is Dead


Torkjell ‘Toschie’ Rød - Vocals
Ice Dale (Arve Isdal) - Guitar
Kjetil Greve - Drums
Thomas Tofthagen - Guitar
Espen Lien - Bass