Corsair - Corsair

Corsair - Corsair

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(CD/LP, Shadow Kingdom Records, 2013)

With a rejuvenated Shadow Kingdom Records pumping out a healthy dose of quality re-issues and new releases, it was only a matter of time before the name CORSAIR came to our attention through heavy promotion by the label.

There is absolutely no escaping the first impression of CORSAIR: THIN LIZZY worshippers! Not that this is a bad thing; CORSAIR seem to pull it off convincingly enough, and with their own subtle touches to separate them from the other imitators, it doesn’t detract from the initial listen. The dual leads and overall guitar tone are dead on LIZZY, but the addition of more RUSH-like progressive elements helps to elevate the album to another level. Now I know this may be a stretch of the imagination, but some of the start-stop riffing and tempo shifts present on the CORSAIR’s debut actually remind me of the Prog-Hardcore act 7 ANGELS 7 PLAGUES. Seek out “Jhazmyne’s Lullaby” for reference.

Beginning with instrumental “Agathyrsi” and then hitting the gas pedal with “Chaemera”, one might actually think Phil Lynott is alive and well as guitarists Paul Sebring and Marie Landagrin, and bassist Jordan Brunk all do a fine job of not only sharing vocal duties, but channeling the spirit of Lynott as well. As the album progresses, it becomes quite apparent that the duo of Sebring and Landagrin are not only capable players, but that they also love the twin lead- sometimes a bit too much. There are times throughout the album where the dual leads go on a bit far too long, and I would have rather heard a nice layer of rhythm guitar under the solos; an overall minor complaint, but a bit of a thorn in an otherwise smooth listening.

“Path Of The Chosen Arrow” is without a doubt the highlight of the record; the swirling melodies create such a mood that you can’t help but nod your head in approval. Truly rocking, heartfelt, and soaring all at once, and a perfect transition point for the second half of the album. CORSAIR’s Shadow Kingdom debut comes to a close with space rocker “The Desert”, a peculiar track that borrows a bit from HAWKWIND, but still manages to retain its own identity. After a few complete spins, this is a perfect closer and pulls the song order of the album into place.

Now I realize CORSAIR have been around since 2008, but I feel as though they are still honing in on their own unique sound. Their debut effort is good, hell, it’s REALLY good, but I can’t help thinking that their next record is going to be REALLY F**KING GOOD! As the band grows, I think the compositions will become a tad more cohesive, and hopefully come out from under the THIN LIZZY shadow and shine on their own.

The more I listened to this release, I couldn’t help but think how a tour made up of CORSAIR, LORD FOWL and BIBLE OF THE DEVIL could be monumentally killer. One can dream...





01. Agathyrsi
02. Chaemera
03. Falconer
04. Gryphon Wing
05. Path Of The Chosen Arrow
06. Mach
07. Of Kings And Cowards
08. The Desert


Paul Sebring - Guitar, Vocals
Marie Landragin - Guitar, Vocals
Jordan Brunk - Bass, Vocals
Aaron Lipscombe - Drums