Soror Dolorosa - No More Heroes

Soror Dolorosa - No More Heroes

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(CD/LP, Beneath Grey Skies/Northern Silence Productions, 2013)

While observing the cover artwork of SOROR DOLOROSA's new album “No More Heroes”, I felt the urge to look back in the late 70s when bands like THE STRANGLERS were on top of their game, expressing lots of feelings and sweet nostalgia, while the doleful white prince, David Bowie had just wrote the alter ego “Heroes”, one of the ambient Rock songs to have emerged from his ‘Berlin Trilogy’ era, gaining long-lasting popularity until these days. After almost 36 years from those days, French Gothic rockers SOROR DOLOROSA are back in discography with the third studio effort, leaving their aggressive Post Punk character aside, trying to present a soft and more melodic side by following the old school Gothic Rock instructions. The SISTER PAIN (the meaning of SOROR DOLOROSA in Latin) tolls the bell, calling all the children of the night to one more gathering under the moonlight that may become even fatal...

...since “No More Heroes” is full of emotions and melodic moments that, depending on the tempo, may throw you in a dancefloor or keep you company during the coldest, blackest of nights. Listening to tracks like the album opener “Silversquare” or “The Figure Of The Night”, it won’t be a surprise if names like THE CURE and THE SISTERS OF MERCY come to mind; yup, the album smells early 80s Gothic Rock from miles away (or kilometers, if you prefer) and it’s a good way to remind you what was happening back then in UK’s legendary Batcave. I love the way the bass sounds (“Hologram” is a real good example to understand my saying here) and I think the keyboards come in the perfect portions delivering the eerie Gothic breeze that makes this album a real U-turn in SOROR DOLOROSA’s career. Plus, moments like THE CURE-esque “Motherland” or “A Dead Yesterday” where the guitars color beautifully the dark scenery, prove the band’s ability to create solid Gothic Rock masterpieces, full of that 80s feeling we all loved – and some of us still do.

“No More Heroes” was a real surprise coming from a band I’d never expect to release such an album: it’s velvety dark, melodic and addictive, and it even forced me to leave the couch and twirl once or twice... Félicitations, messieurs!





01. Silversquare
02. Sound & Death
03. Dany
04. The Figure Of The Night
05. Hologram
06. Motherland
07. Wormhole
08. A Dead Yesterday
09. Exodus


Andy Julia - Vocals, Keyboards
Nicolas Mons - Guitars
Hervé Carles - Bass
Franck Ligabue - Drums, Guitars