Dirty Passion - In Wonderland

Dirty Passion - In Wonderland

(CD, Denomination Records / Transubstans Records, 2012)

It is great getting a follow-up album after a very good debut. Sweden’s DIRTY PASSION drew my interest with “Different Tomorrow” that was released the previous year and as I like to say I was really curious to see if they could walk on the same path and even get better. In Wonderland is the Swedes’ answer to my question so let’s skip the small talk and press the play button.

The intro before the opening track sounds rather out of place but it lasts for less than a minute since the PRETTY MAIDS-esque guitar driven riffs blow the smoke away. Kriss Lohikoski Svensson’s harsh vocals get on the driver’s seat and lead the way for this up-tempo Hard Rocker with an awesome foot-tapping rhythm and shout-along chorus. “Into The Wild” is a powerful opener and things get really heated up during the double guitar leads and hard-hittin’ drums that open the road for a nice solo. You can think of FATAL SMILE, Y&T with a touch of WINGER and you will get an idea of what is happening in the second DIRTY PASSION album. Despite the Swedish origin, the band has implemented many US Hard Rock elements mixed with some Glam finishing touches that shine via the backing vocals following the lead of bands in the vein of like RATT and FIREHOUSE. I know; some of you are thinking that this is predictable and multi-played music, but hold your horses since DIRTY PASSION do it with character and hence this is not Xerox-copied music. There are many melodies inside “Mastered” to make you sing, follow the rhythm and raise you beer glass during the chorus like the mid tempo “When Darkness Falls” with the smooth drumming, the riff driven “Sinner” (love the bridge in this one) or in my personal favorite and heavier than the rest “Daughter Of The Reaper”. The backing vocals are so inviting to sing along and the bass/drums rhythm is rock solid being the perfect supporting grid for the yet again catchy and simple lead guitars. And man, when the riffs are simple and catchy Hard Rock becomes explosive and 100% addictive! After all, groove like this we learned to love from the Hair Metal scene when we were not feeding our heartbroken feelings with the trademark power ballads.

It is beyond doubt that DIRTY PASSION met my expectations I had after listening to their debut. In fact, I think they walked an extra mile and crafted some really nice guitar leads that do make a difference here. The album’s production also deserves some credit for keeping the sound natural (especially in the drums and bass) capturing the songs’ power. If you haven’t met DIRTY PASSION with their debut, then In Wonderlandis the best occasion and - why not? - this can be included in your Xmas soundtrack.

PS: I hate to admit it but indeed there are some POISON influences in “Stay”...





01. Into The Wild
02. Dead End
03. Lovers Lane
04. When Darkness Falls
05. Sinner
06. Make It Last
07. Addicted
08. Daughter Of The Reaper
09. Light Of The Candle
10. Stay
11. Shadowland


Kriss Lohikoski Svensson - Vocals
Christopher Olsson - Guitar
Markus Winberg - Drums
Nasty Laine - Bas