Void Moon - On The Blackest Of Nights

Void Moon - On The Blackest Of Nights

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(CD/LP, Cruz Del Sur Music, 2012)

It was about time! Swedish Epic doomsters VOID MOON gathered all their demo-ed stuff, re-recorded (learning from possible mistakes of the past) improved, added some more enticing songs (thanks to their guitar harmonies) and present us the tempting pack under the title “On The Blackest Of Nights”, released via Cruz Del Sur Music’s label. Personally speaking, I feel more than proud, since I had the chance to learn about this band from the early days and the first self-titled demo, and still keep my eyes on them (whoever of you are tight readers of METAL KAOZ, you’ve already read the presentation of the “The Mourning Son” demo in the mag’s The Underground section).

First of all, I’d like to stand in the debut’s title; reading “On The Blackest Of Nights” on the album’s psych-blue-vein cover, my mouth started to watering for some really dark stuff, and fortunately the omens proved to be right. Some of the most obscure and melancholic melodies were summoned to give flesh and bones (especially bones!) to this album, and judging by the impact this album had to me after the first auditions, I’d say that VOID MOON have succeed the perfect marriage between traditional guitar tunes and Doom-driven mid tempo melodies, spicing things up with some light Prog touches. Of course, having on top of everything such a distinguishable vocalist as Jonas Gustavsson is (who adds so many colors and emotions in every song at ease), is one more ace in the band’s sleeve that happens to hold all four of them.

Drawing inspiration from the Doom masters BLACK SABBATH and CANDLEMASS, and mixing their personal style with some HAMMERS OF MISFORTUNE outbursts, VOID MOON have created such a diverse and addictive album that will stay in your playlist for days. Tracks like the riff-driven “Hammer Of Eden”, the heart-piercing, SAVATAGE-esque “Cyclops”, the hair-raising horror-themed “Among The Dying” or the galloping TESTAMENT-coloured “Through The Gateway” show the band’s high quality class, making promises for the near future.

Trust me on this, “On The Blackest Of Nights” is the best release for every doomster who is searching for high-quality music and is already bored to death by the ‘casual’ stuff out there.





01. Hammer Of Eden
02. On The Blackest Of Nights
03. The Word And The Abyss
04. Psychic Bleeding
05. Cyclops
06. Among The Dying
07. The Burning Court
08. Through The Gateway
09. The Mourning Son


Jonas Gustavsson - Guitars, Vocals
Thomas Hedlund - Drums
Erika Wallberg - Guitar
Peter Svensson - Bass