Seven Kingdoms - The Fire Is Mine

Seven Kingdoms - The Fire Is Mine

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(CD, Nightmare Records, 2012)

The new SEVEN KINGDOMS album was not on my top-to-listen albums' list since I had the chance to see the band onstage when it was the supporting act for BLIND GUARDIAN’s North US tour in 2010. Even if they were hand-picked by the Bards, I failed to understand the reason why, since their music and most importantly the vocals seemed not that good. But every band may have one bad night, so I left the past and checked the third album of the California based act. So here we go...

I was happy to see that my first opinion about SEVEN KINGDOMS had nothing to do with what I was listening to in "The Fire Is Mine". Sure, the musical direction is Power Metal with strong German influences (the guitar breathe BLIND GUARDIAN), but there is more than the rather predictable song structures. First of all, the vocal melodies are beautiful and I think they are somewhere between operatic and classic Heavy Metal. Honestly, this was not what I experienced two years ago when Sabrina did not leave me with the best of the impressions. The songs are up-tempo and guitar-based with many leads and sing-along riffs following the addictive recipe of BLIND GUARDIAN. And that is really good since I cannot think of many bands able to do that without sounding like a lame copy-cat. Songs like “Forever Brave” (love the rhythm guitars here) and “Flame Of Olympus” are fast with galloping tempos (there is always some MAIDEN twin guitar harmonies in this genre), while the double bass drum and the bass work top off the solid structures with a great production, courtesy of the famous Morrisound Studios.

The highest moment of the album is hands-down “Kardia” (meaning ‘heart’ in Greek) where the vocal melodies are amazing and might reveal some Simone Simons influences but with additional singing power and killer vibrato. I have no idea what Sabrine did but it worked and her performance is stellar, plus the backing vocals are the sweetest icing on the cake. The album closes after the almost 8 minutes of the epic “The King In The North” that I think refers to the “Game Of Thrones” TV series. This one is packed with riffs and as the rest of the album features very good leads and backing vocals and a perfectly balanced sound mix. Plus, I think there is some ICED EARTH inspired guitar action here...

I really love when a band manages to change my mind and even to reach the point of making me a fan. I think that “The Fire Is Mine” did the trick for SEVEN KINGDOMS and now I am waiting for another chance to watch them live and see if they’ll have the same impact as they did from the studio. If you like BLIND GUARDIAN then it goes without question this one has your name written with bold letters.





01. Beyond The Wall
02. After The Fall
03. Forever Brave
04. Flame Of Olympus
05. Symphony Of Stars
06. The Fire Is Mine
07. Kardia
08. Fragile Minds Collapse
09. In The Twisted Twilight
10. A Debt Paid In Steel
11. The King In The North


Keith Byrd - Drums
Kevin Byrd - Guitar
Camden Cruz - Guitar
Sabrina Valentine - Vocals