Sideburn - IV Monument

Sideburn - IV Monument

(CD, Transubstans Records, 2012)

Who said that Stoner / Doom Metal can’t also have some melodic, classic Hard Rock tunes and a brave Progressive dose of Blues? Stockholm, Sweden’s quartet SIDEBURN has a different opinion about that, presenting their fourth studio album “IV Monument” and their personal point of view of nowadays Stoner / Doom with brave strokes of LED ZEPPELIN and even some MOUNTAIN and RUSH finishing touches. Are you curious about the result, huh? I was too!

Since I hadn’t dealt with SIDEBURN in the past, “IV Monument” came out as a real, pleasant surprise. Jani has a huge vocal range transforming his voice according to every song’s demands, while Morgan does miracles with his guitar and especially during the solo parts. The album contains 9 Retro / Hard Rock tracks, mixed with today’s classic Rock sound, adding a more Prog perspective. The album opener “Diamonds” and the groovy “Fire And Water” are some very good spots to start your journey inside SIDEBURN’s world, while there are also tunes like “The Last Day” and “The Saviour”, able to satisfy the Sludge-oriented listeners. The LED ZEPPELIN / RAINBOW references add another colorful layer to the music as SIDEBURN present their love for DEEP PURPLE with the Hammond organ melodies in the background.

All in all, “IV Monument” is a pleasant listening, with some clever and original ideas slightly leaning towards Prog territories. This album is absolutely recommended to every doomster who likes the idea of some magical RUSH/DEEP PURPLE touches.





01. Diamonds
02. Fire And Water
03. Tomorrows Dream
04. Crossing The Lines
05. The Last Day
06. Silverwing
07. The Saviour
08. Bring Down The Rain
09. Monument


Morgan Zocek - Lead Guitar, Vocals
Jani Kataja - Lead Vocals, Guitar, Bass
Martin Karlsson - Bass, Organ, Vocals
Fredrik Haake - Drums