Bullet - Full Pull

Bullet - Full Pull

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(CD/LP, Nuclear Blast US, 2012)

Turn up to ten and dance or bang your head or drink your ass off! Sweden’s most swaying 21st century AC/DC-meets-ACCEPT-meets-KROKUS outfit is back with its fourth studio album, haha; BULLET now signs with maybe the biggest European Metal label and more and more benefits are to come for the band as supporting marketing tools for the word to spread. And all this would count, only if the most crucial element had more or less remained the same.

Music: no major changes. Staccato rhythms with pounding bass and cut-out guitar riffs is the menu, as assumed by many. You can’t resist the power of this band and music if you are a fan of this genre. Hofer’s vocals are even wilder at times and the solos show a back-to-basics melodic approach at times. Nothing to complain about, really. A little bit more ‘catchy’ than its predecessor, “Full Pull” shall not leave you untouched even after the first audition.

As for the peripherals: all you can think about while reading Nuclear Blast is the new label is true. The production is more commercial in a vintage way and Fred Estby (DISMEMBER) and Nicke Andersson (ENTOMBED) are to blame of this. The mix is crunchier than the past, too. The result is a collection of songs that vary from mid-pace to fast takers but overall dress the ideal soundtrack for a summer gig with full of alcohol and a party mood. And that’s something I’ve personally seen in BULLET onstage and verify in closed eyes. 'Nuff said.

There’s nothing to be afraid if you are an old BULLET fan. Signed to a major label, the Swedish rockers now have more chances to catch more people in Europe (and worldwide, we hope). “Full Pull” is what Hard Rock and Heavy Metal with a Rock ’n’ Roll edge are all about. Take it or leave it.





01. Midnight Oil
02. Full Pull
03. Running Away
04. All Fired Up
05. Rolling Home
06. In The Heat
07. High On The Hog
08. Rush Hour
09. Free Riding
10. Gutterview
11. Warriors


Hell Hofer - Vocals
Hampus Klang - Guitar
Erik Almström - Guitar
Adam Hector - Bass
Gustav Hjortsjö - Drums