Freitod - Regenjahre

Freitod - Regenjahre

(CD/LP, Ván Records, 2012)

Red wine, sunless rooms and incurably romantic dark melodies lovers, I know that you have been expecting this one, since Germans melancholic, sad Dark metallers FREITOD released their debut “Nebel Der Erinnerungen” 2 years ago, leaving very good impressions out there. Seyferth and Eisenlauer are back in discography with “Regenjahre” (meaning ‘Rain Season’ in English), and I guess this the best season to release it, right?

Listening to “Regenjahre” again and again, you’ll discover the KATATONIA influences and some (early) inspired ANATHEMA moments, where the clean, Pagan-type guitars meet the combination of harsh and clean vocals, embracing that bleak aura of darkness. “Regenjahre” is all about atmosphere and some Black Metal techniques are also present as well, just to make things even darker and more suffocating. In some extent, they succeed this and songs like “Der Traumsturm” and the CELTIC FROST-baptized “Letztes Wort” stand like the album’s strongest moments, while the less harsh and fast tunes of “Sterbenswert” and “WenAllesZerbricht” color the band’s id with softer and more melodic tunes. I had the impression that something was missing in some songs that could make things even tighter and more intense, but this might be due to the sound production, since there are moments that feel ‘naked’ and raw. Of course, you’ll enjoy the album’s 52 minutes, but you’re not going to meet something totally new or avant-garde; in some songs you’ll get that awful ‘already-written-and-played’ feeling.

Nevertheless, it’s quite difficult to resist to “Regenjahre”’s dynamics and inextinguishable flame of Dark / Pagan Metal that burns inside it, so the fans of this genre will have to pay a visit to their nearest web-shop.





01. Regenjahre
02. Der Traumsturm
03. Neue Wege
04. Letztes Wort
05. Sterbenswert
06. Nichtssagend
07. WenAllesZerbricht


R. Seyferth - Vocals, Drums
G. Eisenlauer - Clean Vocals, Guitars, Bass

Live Lineup:
R. Seyferth - Vocals
G. Eisenlauer - Clean Vocals, Guitar
L. Lüttge - Guitar
B. Stieglmaier - Bass
O. Heide - Drums