Kamikaze Kings - The Law

Kamikaze Kings - The Law

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(CD, Limited Access Records, 2012)

KAMIKAZE KINGS seem to mean business, huh; they come from Berlin, Germany and if you see their promo pictures before listening to the music you may laugh a little bit since they seem to be like some MANOWAR R’n’R clones. But when it comes to the musical content truth is there’s some good amount of high-octane street Rock/Metal you should expect and react to. Hey, this is a nice band and album, right!

Ok, music needs to grow and expand and develop and... and... and... but there are certain things that act as the spine for Rock/Metal and some bands are destined to behave as the guardians of these beliefs. This is the concept behind the KAMIKAZE KINGS aspect. Take the AC/DC and MOTÖRHEAD legacy and build a filthy yet memorable sound to accompany the tracks and make you wanna dance and drink and drive and whatever any other live-fast-die-young action can certify you as a relentless (hard) rocker. Ok, some song-parts may sound a little bit naive or old-fashioned but, hey, that’s the scope of the band anyway. Like it or not, to say the least.

The vocals could get a little bit more development without losing that natural groove while the slower parts seems to be more Metal than Rock but I guess that’s the way the band wanted to treat its songlist anyway. With fellow lunatics GUN BARREL and NITROGODS, this heavy load German band seems to be able to make you wake up screaming to each note they spit. I’d like to see them onstage at some time, to be honest. Boogie Rock ‘n’ Roll is always a good companion at e.g. a countryside summer fest.





01. Burn Baby Burn
02. I Am The Law
03. Boys ‘n’ Men
04. All In Vain
05. Bible Black
06. Boneshaker Boogie
07. Just Dance
08. In The Name Of Tragedy
09. Too Late
10. Saturday Night Hero
11. Give It To Me
12. In For The Kill
13. Hard Times
14. Shadows


Elmo Kamikaze - Vocals
Rais Kamikaze - Drums
Randy Kamikaze - Guitar
Kev Kamikaze - Bass