The Chant - A Healing Place

The Chant - A Healing Place

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(CD, Lifeforce Records, 2012)

Sometimes the promo sheet accompanying an album describes the music one hundred percent accurately, something that is most impressive considering that most of the times promo sheets are just like a supermarket brochure, advertising the wares in order to sell them. “A Healing Place” is truly a place to return and heal while summoning lost and forgotten memories reliving them all over again; those few memories that make you feel better, even if some of them are painful.

For friends of ANATHEMA the promo sheet writes (and it couldn't be more true), “A Healing Place” is like the missing ANATHEMA album somewhere between “Eternity”, “Alternative 4” and “Judgement”, but it was not created by ANATHEMA it was created by THE CHANT. “A Healing Place” contains eight songs that use as a musical basis Rock and add perfectly Gothic and Doom elements, creating a Gothic Rock / Doom album that could actually be used as a benchmark for all the bands that wish to play this music genre, without trying to impress and without confusing orchestral/symphonic music with Gothic. All you have to expect from this album is pure, simple and awesome music directed to your mind and soul.

Every time I listen to “A Healing Place”, it becomes more personal; of course it felt like I had heard all the songs before, but these are songs I have missed. I was missing their gloomy remembrance that came with each song and that winter blanket of memories that even though summer, the songs managed to calm my burning mind. Music crafted in such way that fills you with powerful emotions close to perfection, never tiring you to listen to them again and again, and each and every time, you discover something new, something you missed the last time you listened to the album.

Taking the devils advocate mantle, one could say that they might be a little too similar to ANATHEMA, and that could be considered safe, walking on the musical norms of another well established band. THE CHANT are not copycats; they are able and powerful musicians and music craftsmen, students of what they love, and have produced an album that is better than actually those that they studied from. Also to whom the last ANATHEMA albums were something that they scorned upon, THE CHANT is the perfect band to fill the empty space.

“A Healing Place” is an album that has to be in any collection. I hope that THE CHANT will never loose their way.





01. Outlines
02. Spectral Light
03. Riverbed
04. The Black Corner
05. Ocean Speaks
06. Distant Drums
07. My Kin
08. Regret


Ilpo Paasela - Vocals
Jussi Hamalainen - Guitar, Vocals
Kimmo Tukiainen - Guitar, Vocals
Markus Forsstrom - Bass
Roope Siven - Drums
Mari Jamback - Keys
Pekka Loponen - Guitar, Vocals